The Newest Solution To Keep Your Sneakers Clean With Swipz

Swipz Wipes Premium Sneaker Cleaning Wipes for Nike Air Force 1

If you’re anything like us, you appreciate the art of the sneaker and love to keep yours looking crispy all year round. In reality, life happens and a day at the park or on the golf course can turn your bright white shoes into streaks of green, or a stroll in the city ends up with grit along the base of your soles. Especially when you want to wear that limited edition or exclusive pair that you only take out for special occasions, being mindful of where you step every second of the day is not practical, and this is where Swipz comes in hand.

Swipz Wipes Premium Sneaker Cleaning Wipes

What Are Swipz Wipes?

The newest sneaker cleaning wipe to hit the market, Swipz are individually wrapped, pre-moistened, dual-textured sneaker cleaning wipes, a brain child of serial entrepreneur Nick Gold. Crafted with a mild cleaning solution combined with a durable dual textured cleaning cloth results in a gentle yet effective clean suitable for the various materials and textures of today’s footwear. Swipz are the perfect way to keep your beloved sneakers clean and dirt-free no matter where life takes you. As an all-in-one solution, no water or anything else is needed to activate the wipe, just tear open a Swipz pack and you’re good to go.

Benefits Of Swipz Wipes

Taking a deeper dive into the world of Swipz, there are so many benefits and uses for these premium sneaker cleaning wipes. To start, Swipz come in individually wrapped packaging, meaning you can easily slip one in your pocket on the golf course, in your bag for a day excursion, or in your suitcase for a vacation. The slim packaging takes up minimal space so you can always have Swipz on hand for moments when you need them most. Keep in mind, Swipz are not only for sneakers – they can be used on a wide variety of footwear including fashion sneakers, sports sneakers, running sneakers, tennis sneakers, golf shoes and cleats. Their application diversity means anyone, anywhere can enjoy the benefits of Swipz. Developed specifically to lift and remove dirt & grime, the wipes can be used on rubber, leather, fabric, and laces too. A simple one minute application of Swipz can turn your soiled sneakers into glimmering like-new condition. Unlike other cleaning solutions, Swipz are design specifically for sneakers so they won’t leave residue, discolor, or ruin the finish of your footwear. The dual-textured surface has a smooth finish for more delicate materials, and raised micro scrubbing dots for getting deeper into creases and soles.

Swipz Wipes Premium Sneaker Cleaning Wipes for Nike Air Max Sneakers - Keep Your Sneakers Clean

Where To Find Swipz Wipes

Swipz are available in dozens of exclusive boutiques nationwide, but no matter where you are near or far, Swipz is sold online via their official website, Customers have the option to select a single bag containing 12 wipes, or a 3-Pack which grants a 20% discount.

Once you try out Swipz for yourself and see the cleanliness and convenience first-hand, you won’t want to use any other sneaker cleaning product around.

Check out some of the sneakers Swipz has helped to clean, and connect with the brand further on Instagram @swipzwipes!

Swipz Wipes Premium Sneaker Cleaning Wipes for Nike Blaze High Tops Sneakers - Keep Your Sneakers Clean