The ‘Next-Gen’ Nail System Selling a New Product Every 30 Seconds — Here’s What Customers Say After Trying It

As lockdowns and social distancing measures took hold globally, people had abundant time but limited access to services they once relied on. This period of isolation began a surge in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, ranging from home renovations and baking to crafting, beauty treatments, and gardening. 

This appreciation for DIY projects extended to beauty treatments, particularly nail care, which traditionally depended on salons’ expertise. Individuals began exploring ways to achieve professional-looking results from the comfort of their homes. Brands like GLAMRDiP emerged, offering innovative, user-friendly nail care systems that cater to this rising market of at-home beauty enthusiasts.

Since its launch in 2021, GLAMDRiP has served almost 500,000 customers and earned recognition in the 2024 Product Review Annual Award in the beauty and nails category. With thousands of positive reviews, customers have expressed enthusiasm about their experience with the product, describing how they achieved perfect nails without fuss.

Accessibility and Quality On The Go

Finding time for salon visits has become a luxury many can’t afford. The traditional salon experience, while pampering, often clashes with the demands of busy schedules, making it a less viable self-care option. One GLAMRDiP customer shared her struggle to find time for a salon appointment and how using GLAMRDiP is a life-saver.

The Salon Perfect Kit has eliminated her need to juggle appointments and brought the salon to her home, where she could do her nails at her most convenient time without compromising on quality or experience and even saving money and effort.

GLAMDRiP ensures each kit contains everything needed to achieve a professional-looking manicure, from liquid solutions of more than 100 colours, to essential tools like brushes and nail files. The comprehensive instructions ensure a smooth application process, making it accessible even to DIY nail procedure beginners.

Customers particularly appreciate how GLAMRDiP caters to all skill levels. One shared that even though she has previously struggled with nail polish application, she found confidence in the step-by-step guidance provided, achieving stunning outcomes every time. This no-fuss approach demystifies the art of nail care and empowers users to achieve their desired looks with ease and precision.

One customer shared, “It’s so easy to have fun and beautiful nails with the dip perfect range. I was nervous it might be complicated, but their step-by-step instruction and video materials made the process a breeze.”

Salon-Quality Without the Damage

GLAMRDiP has garnered acclaim for delivering high-quality DIY nail care solutions and emphasizing ease of use. Yet, for one particular customer, the allure of GLAMRDiP extended beyond its user-friendly appeal. What truly captivated her was the brand’s dedication to incorporating high-quality, natural ingredients into their products.

Crafted with Australian-grown botanicals, GLAMRDiP’s kits are vegan and free from 18 commonly known toxic substances typically found in conventional nail products. This commitment to natural, cruelty-free practices is evident in every kit, designed to cater to all nail types – whether natural nails or nails with tips. Customers enjoy a durable manicure free from harsh chemicals, enriching nails with vitamins, minerals, and locally sourced botanicals. 

With tea tree oil, keratin, vitamins B2 & E, jojoba oil, and many others, nails are sure to be rejuvenated, moisturized, and strengthened with beautiful, long-lasting color. 

The customer recounted her struggles with acrylic nails, which severely damaged her nails, and how her search for a more natural alternative led her to GLAMRDiP. “GLAMRDiP nail polish not only lasts and looks stunning, but it has also significantly improved the health of my nails,” she shared. This testimonial underscores how GLAMRDiP combines beauty and wellness, offering a product that beautifies as it nurtures the nails.

Making Nail-Care Treatments Extra Special

The GLAMRDiP Kits come in a white and purple box, beautifully packaged to make every detail feel thoughtful. With three options – Starter Kit, Complete Kit, and Ultimate Kit, GLAMDRiP ensures the quality and beauty of its products are evident from the packaging and suit the standards of its discerning clientele.

One customer mentioned, “The packaging is beautiful. You can really tell that they have given much thought to its quality – inside and out. You get the value of what you pay for, and it’s nice to give as gifts, too.”

The Finishing Touch

With exceptional reviews and testimonials, the quality of GLAMDRiP speaks for itself. Not only did it deliver salon-quality results, but also a sense of accomplishment and self-care that many did not expect. Its durability and ease of use are major selling points, but what truly sets GLAMRDiP apart is the confidence it instills in its users. While results may vary, for those who have tried it, GLAMDRiP has become a definite must-have.

Discovering the ability to achieve professional-quality nails independently has been a transformative experience for many customers. One mentioned, “The flexibility to switch colours based on mood or occasion, coupled with the freedom to shape my nails exactly how I want, has given me more ways for self-expression.” Another happily stated, “It’s literally the best feeling whenever someone asks where I get my nails done. I’m so thrilled to say that ‘I did them myself!’”

These customer experiences testify that GLAMRDiP is more than just a nail product. It represents the empowerment and satisfaction that come from self-sufficient beauty care that doesn’t compromise on beauty no matter how busy life gets. GLAMRDiP has not only won over their nails but also their trust and loyalty as customers.