The Red Sea Emerges as the Next Adventure Travel Hub

Under the banner of Akun, Red Sea Global is reshaping the Red Sea into a haven for thrill-seekers, blending adventure with luxury. As Saudi Arabia broadens its tourism landscape, the Red Sea region, encompassing sites like The Red Sea, Amaala, and the newly revealed Thuwal Private Island, is gearing up to offer elevated adventure experiences across land, sea, and air.

The endeavor goes beyond merely introducing new industries; it aims to spotlight the region’s distinctive culture, heritage, and history. Simultaneously, the initiative prioritizes community engagement and champions sustainability and environmental rejuvenation.

The Red Sea’s distinctiveness is emphasized by Alaa Hammad, Senior Adventure Operations Manager at Akun, who says, “The Red Sea is distinct because of its rich history and diverse landscape. It is stimulating to view this region through an adventurous perspective, and it welcomes all types of adventurers.”

Akun, responsible for delivering top-notch land-based adventure tourism across The Red Sea and Amaala, is conducting an extensive study to assess the feasibility of various adventure-style activities. From relaxed pursuits like hiking, exploring trails, and enjoying live music performances to more adrenaline-pumping experiences such as rock climbing and mountain biking, the offerings are diverse.

The arrival of this new sector of the economy has not only drawn tourists but also given the locals new opportunities. Senior trail guides like Sara Alsayed and Faisal Alangari demonstrate the beneficial effects of this endeavor on the community by turning their love of hiking into successful careers.

Authenticity is a cornerstone of this tourism style, with visitors seeking raw, natural experiences without compromising on quality. Safety is paramount, and Akun ensures that the rugged landscape is explored securely, with well-trained guides versed in safety procedures, local flora and fauna, geology, and culture.

To maintain an authentic edge, Akun employs a team of local guides, preserving the true essence of the area while providing informative experiences. The diverse landscape, ranging from crystal-clear waters to towering mountains, allows Red Sea Global to offer high-quality adventure experiences steeped in luxury.

Red Sea Global has always prioritized sustainable growth, community empowerment, and incorporating regional handicraft into its experiential offerings. Hiking trails also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by employing old-fashioned markers like rock cairns rather than artificial ones.

Red Sea Global and Bear Grylls Survival Academy have teamed up to offer a survival skills test to individuals. This partnership fosters a new industry and creates jobs along Saudi Arabia’s west coast by providing outdoor enthusiasts with chances for team building, wilderness education, and survival skills training.

The Red Sea, with its diverse natural environments, is set to become the next adventure hotspot, thanks to the visionary efforts of Red Sea Global and Akun.