The Story of Australian Bridal Brand Masal and Its Bold Leap into Bridal Fashion During Uncertain Times

“During the chaos, we found beauty and resilience. Launching Masal to create dresses was about crafting dreams and affirming love when everything else seemed uncertain,” reflects Ali Sisman, founder of Masal, an Australian-based wedding dress designer. 

The pandemic became a global crisis that changed lives, shuttered businesses across industries, and forced a reevaluation of norms and processes worldwide. For many, it was a period marked by closures and uncertainties as traditional business models faltered under unprecedented challenges. 

The fashion industry, known for its reliance on physical retail spaces and in-person events, was hit hardest, with many established names struggling to adapt to the sudden shift in consumer behavior and the logistical nightmares of lockdowns. Yet, within this sudden disruption, Sisman saw an opportunity for survival and innovation. While others saw doors closing, she envisioned new ones opening. 

Launching his fashion brand, Masal, Sisman carved his name into the fashion world and revolutionized how bridal dresses are designed and made. 

Elevating the Standard for Wedding Gowns

Sisman’s establishment of Masal when weddings and gatherings were on global shutdown meant serious business. She shares, “Masal wasn’t just a product of intrusive thoughts but of the gap I saw in the bridal fashion industry and a firm belief that love cannot be postponed.”

With its business model, Masal brings the luxury of sophisticated and well-crafted wedding gowns to many brides regardless of their body type, preference, timeline, and budget. Elevating this, Masal also provides options for custom-made gowns, allowing brides to bring their unique wedding gown ideas to life.

Sisman mentions, “Wedding preparations are extensive and tiring. We lift one burden off the bride’s shoulders by assuring them their dream wedding gown is in capable hands.”

The Masal Difference

From its first bridal collection in 2020, Masal has charted an impressive journey in the bridal fashion industry. Now, with three wedding gown collections – Label of Love, Vision in White, and Dream of Love- it has ascended from a promising newcomer to a recognized leader alongside established names.

Though relatively new in the bridal fashion world, Masal’s impressive number of stockists around the globe speaks volumes. The brand’s debut at the 2021 New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week resonated deeply with the audience, revealing bridal collections that captivated hearts and imaginations. Each appearance on the global stage is a step forward in Masal’s journey, showcasing its evolving collections that blend traditional elegance with contemporary design.

In an industry characterized by slow business growth, Masal’s rise and achievements are impressive. Their milestones and exceptions establish their unique and influential presence, making them a new fashion brand to watch out for. 

A Wedding Gown of Their Dreams 

Masal takes pride in its unparalleled commitment to customization, seamlessly combining the art of traditional bridal craftsmanship with the nuances of modern design and personalization. 

Sisman explains that at the heart of Masal’s philosophy is a deep understanding of the individuality of each bride, recognizing that the journey to finding the perfect wedding dress is as unique as the love story it represents. This drives the brand to offer extensive customization options beyond the industry standard. 

“We give brides the authority to envision their ideal wedding dress, granting them the freedom to dream about what they wish to wear while also turning those dreams into reality,” Sisman mentions. 

With the ability to tailor every aspect of their dress—from the color and neckline to the silhouette, material, overall design, and sleeve length, brides are given a high level of personalization and comfort. This ensures that every Masal bride wears a gown that is not just worn but felt deeply, as a true extension of his personality and dreams.

Meticulous Attention to Production and Price

Moreover, Masal addresses one of the bride’s most pressing challenges—lengthy production and delivery times. Sisman emphasizes that with a focus on efficient production processes and flexible delivery options, the brand is adept at meeting tight timelines, ensuring that all brides, regardless of their timelines, can be accommodated with the same level of quality and service. 

However, beyond the meticulous attention to design and customer service, Masal also sets itself apart with its approach to accessibility. Understanding the modern bride’s desire for both luxury and value, Masal offers exquisite wedding dresses that don’t compromise on quality or style yet are available at wholesale prices. 

Keeping the Right Balance

While personalized bridal wear offers unparalleled freedom and choice to brides, it also gives a significant responsibility to designers like Masal to be knowledgeable guides for brides on their often overwhelming journey toward finding their wedding dress. 

Whether it is catering to brides who know what they want or those who are clueless about what should and shouldn’t be, designers like Masal should be trusted advisors, guiding the path to clarity and confidence. 

As Masal continues to make its mark as a bridal gown powerhouse, Sisman remains optimistic about the brand’s future. Though it started during times of uncertainty, its expansion is a sure goal, continuously innovating in design and service to redefine bridal fashion for years.

“The future of bridal fashion is bright, and we at Masal are just getting started. We’re committed to pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and celebrating love one unique wedding gown at a time,” Sisman concludes.