The Ultimate 230ft Superyacht Oasis with Plunge Pools, Gyms, and Luxe Suites

Enter the realm of opulence aboard a lavish vessel dubbed the “Floating Spa,” a nautical marvel adorned with an exquisite infinity pool, state-of-the-art gymnasium, massage haven, plunge pools, and six sumptuous suites.

Standing tall across four floors, the expansively spacious ‘Rise’ promises the pinnacle of relaxation for an ultimate week-long retreat.

Project Managing Director Justin Olesinski passionately describes the exciting venture as “simple,” aiming to deliver an uncompromising spa haven loaded with every conceivable luxury.

Collaborating with Dörries Yachts in Germany, Olesinski and his design team anticipate a swift three-year timeline to bring this mega-yacht to life.

Once afloat, ‘Rise’ will accommodate up to 12 fortunate guests, lavishing them with unparalleled pampering and top-notch service. Olesinski further elaborates, “Rise features a dedicated spa zone encompassing a pool, spa bath, plunge pool, massage room, and aesthetics salon, all curated to ensure the crew’s ability to deliver exceptional service.”

While the exact cost of this indulgent sea-bound experience remains undisclosed, one can anticipate a significant investment, as Dörries Yachts assures prospective clients of near-perfection, emphasizing that “every curve and detail has been meticulously crafted to redefine the essence of a superyacht experience.”

The mammoth yacht boasts staggered decking across each bustling floor, showcasing its exquisite interiors, while a lower-deck platform beckons visitors to plunge into the crystalline waters of Northern Europe.

Below deck, the cabin crew’s quarters neighbor an expansive garage housing a 33ft boat, Jet Skis, Seabobs, diving gear, and a 20ft inflatable Zodiac boat.

However, the main deck steals the spotlight, boasting an elegant infinity pool enveloped in wooden decking, an awe-inspiring sight complemented by a transparent viewing platform at sea level, allowing for panoramic views.

Notably, ‘Rise’ integrates a rare feature among superyachts—an onboard elevator system for effortless access to all floors.

One floor hosts a remarkable gym akin to those found in luxury resorts, while another houses a serene massage room and wellness area for impeccable pampering.

Amidst these extravagant offerings, the bedrooms stand as essential sanctuaries. ‘Rise’ accommodates twelve guests in five double rooms with en suite bathrooms, embodying an industry-disrupting charter concept. However, the pièce de résistance lies in the master suite, showcasing a spacious bedroom, en suite bathroom, dressing room, private office, and a stunning terrace.

Henning Dörries expresses hope that ‘Rise’ will entice clients seeking a unique wellness-centric yacht with Northern European build quality, sans extensive waiting periods.

Though ‘Rise’ embodies the epitome of serenity at sea, it pales in comparison to the extravagant ‘History Supreme,’ renowned for its exorbitant £3.6 billion price tag, adorned with 100,000kg of gold, platinum, and jewels.

Additionally, the world awaits the unveiling of the impressive ‘Valkyrie,’ a gigayacht set to redefine extravagance with futuristic allure, promising unprecedented size and opulence, marking a new era in luxury sea travel.