This $440,000 Complex Conical Tourbillon Timepiece Inspired By Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

In a celebration of a decade of extraordinary watchmaking, HYT unveiled the groundbreaking HYT Conical Tourbillon earlier this year, a timepiece imbued with innovation and artistry. Crafted by the master watchmaker Eric Coudray, the HYT Conical Tourbillon represents a pinnacle of complexity in the world of avant-garde horology. Building upon this legacy, HYT has now introduced the HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires, a new iteration that marries captivating aesthetics with the intricate mechanics of the watch, reminiscent of the awe-inspiring Infinity Gauntlet famously worn by the character Thanos in Marvel’s Avengers movies.

While retaining the distinctive case design and commanding domed sapphire crystal from the previously launched Black Eklipse model, the Infinity Sapphires introduces an entirely unique visual identity. Upon closer examination, one cannot help but draw parallels between the timepiece’s design and the iconic Infinity Gauntlet. Although HYT has not officially confirmed this inspiration, the hints are too conspicuous to ignore.

Measuring 48mm in diameter, 52.30mm in length, and boasting a substantial thickness of 25.15mm due to its domed crystal, the HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires maintains the formidable dimensions of its predecessor, the Black Eklipse. However, it departs from the forged carbon case with neon green accents, opting instead for a multifaceted case crafted from 5N rose gold and black-coated titanium, comprising 66 meticulously assembled components. This remarkable case is complemented by a black rubber strap adorned with embossed brown leather panels on its top surface.

The fundamental layout of the dial, composed of 39 components, remains largely unchanged, yet the Infinity Sapphires imparts a distinct character with a new color palette and the replacement of liquid-filled spheres with sapphires of varying hues.

At the heart of this horological marvel lies Eric Coudray’s suspended tourbillon movement, a mechanical masterpiece where the spring balance is inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal, the escape wheel at 15 degrees, and the pallet at 23 degrees. The tourbillon completes a full clockwise rotation in just 30 seconds, while the gemstones rotate at differing speeds, resulting in a mesmerizing spectacle. The tourbillon’s angled orientation and captivating motion are the defining features of this timepiece, offering a truly magical viewing experience.

Powering the HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires is HYT’s Caliber 701-TC manual-wind tourbillon movement, a meticulously crafted assembly comprising 533 individual components. This impressive movement provides a power reserve of approximately 40 hours and is visible through the transparent case back. Continuing the tradition of the previous iteration, this timepiece employs a fluid-based display to indicate the time. While not designed for aquatic adventures, with a water resistance of 30 meters, this extraordinary watch is a testament to the artistry and innovation of HYT.

The HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires is a limited-edition masterpiece, with only 8 examples available worldwide. Each one is priced at CHF 390,000 (approximately $440,000), making it a true collector’s item for those who appreciate the fusion of art, technology, and horological excellence. This watch stands as a testament to the captivating world where watchmaking and imagination converge, much like the Marvel universe’s most iconic artifacts.