Tiffany & Co. Reveals a $50,000 Clock Resembling a 1950s New York City Taxi

Tiffany & Co. took the wraps off a remarkable $50,000 clock titled The Tiffany Taxi, drawing inspiration from the design of a 1950s New York City taxicab. This exquisite piece of horology pays homage to the iconic Tailfin Fender of the Golden Age, complete with a yellow taxi sign positioned above its windshield. Crafted meticulously in aluminum, it showcases a striking paint finish in the famed Tiffany Blue, along with a license plate that subtly nods to the renowned brand. However, the real fascination lies beneath the surface.

At the core of The Tiffany Taxi resides a clock boasting two distinct movements, each with its independent power source. The primary movement, situated in the driver’s position, functions as a timekeeper. It showcases hours and minutes through rotating stainless-steel disks placed on the air filters, which feed the dual carburetor banks atop the engine. This eight-day movement is meticulously regulated by a visible 2.5 Hertz escapement within the “driver cap,” powered by a visible mainspring positioned in the passenger seat. Adjusting the clock is achievable via a counterclockwise rotation using its three-spoke steering wheel.

While this model-car clock won’t hit the road, the dashboard key does initiate the engine, setting the V-8 pistons in motion. The secondary movement, operating independently of the time mechanism, powers the engine. Tiffany & Co. has ingeniously included a manual gear lever within the car, enabling users to choose between winding the time movement, winding the engine, or placing it in neutral. Selecting the appropriate gear and maneuvering the car backward is all it takes to wind it up.

This release isn’t the jeweler’s inaugural venture into crafting cars that tell time. Previously, the LVMH-acquired brand unveiled a clock inspired by vintage racing cars as part of the Tiffany’s Time for Speed collection. The initial limited-edition racer clock, priced at $215,000, boasted 316 round brilliant diamonds collectively weighing 19 carats.

Regarding the dimensions of this year’s Tiffany Taxi, it stands at a compact 5.5 inches in height, 7.4 inches in width, 18.6 inches in length, and weighs 11.7 pounds. It is set to hit global markets this month, with an exclusive edition available at The Landmark. You can acquire this special edition at the 727 Fifth Avenue location in N.Y.C., complete with a gold and blue license plate bearing the inscription “NY-727,” paying homage to the iconic address, for $52,000.