Tiffany & Co. Showcases 4 Novel Limited-Edition Timepieces To Commemorate Its N.Y.C. Flagship Overhaul

Tiffany & Co.’s iconic Fifth Avenue flagship has undergone a momentous restoration, marking the very first comprehensive overhaul in its 83-year legacy. The substantial financial backing for this ambitious undertaking emanated from the esteemed luxury multinational LVMH, which recently procured the company and assumed its ownership.

Tiffany & Co.’s Store in the 19th Century

As a tribute to the newly revamped store, now christened “The Landmark,” an exclusive line of distinct articles has been conceived, including a set of timepieces that are unparalleled in both craftsmanship and availability, only accessible at The Landmark.

Moreover, the company’s watch collection has undergone a significant facelift, featuring a duo of models named Tiffany & Co. Union Square Limited Editions, paying homage to the company’s early roots in Lower Manhattan during the late 1800s.

The traditional Tiffany & Co. emblem placement below the noon marker on the dial has been artfully subverted in the novel boutique models, with the logo intriguingly set at 10 o’clock, defying conventional norms.

Drawing inspiration from the historic address of the building at 727 Fifth Avenue, the 5 and 6 o’clock markers have been displaced to create space for the ornamental numeral “727,” gracefully adorning the lower section of the dial.

These exquisite timepieces are available in two distinct versions: the former, priced at $10,000, showcases a rose-gold casing, a cream-colored dial, and a sumptuous brown alligator-leather strap; the latter, costing $35,000, is bedecked with dazzling pavé diamonds on the dial, encased in resplendent rose-gold, with the option of an elegant black or Tiffany Blue alligator-leather strap.

The exhibited model represents the simpler of the two. Both versions are produced in a limited edition of just 100 pieces each, accompanied by a color print of the new store concealed beneath the sapphire-crystal case backs, adding an element of exclusivity.

As expected, an authentic Tiffany & Co. experience wouldn’t be complete without an assortment of one-of-a-kind, price-upon-request, high-jewelry masterpieces adorned with resplendent diamonds

Drawing inspiration from Manhattan’s Washington Square, a landmark unrelated to the brand’s history, the design ingeniously marries contemporary elements with classic aesthetics.

The design of the diamond bracelet draws upon the hexagonal-shaped pavement found in the park, mirroring the 12-hour sectors of the park’s fountain.

Only two of these extraordinary creations exist in the world: one featuring a dial crafted from blue sapphire (as depicted in the image), and the other showcasing white diamonds.

For those unable to acquire one of these exceptional timepieces, a visit to Tiffany’s freshly refurbished premises presents a treasure trove of delights, sprawling across an expansive 100,000 square feet, complete with a three-story glass expansion.

Within this newly added space, a cornucopia of extraordinary gems awaits discovery, including high-jewelry pieces, home objects, and eyeglasses. Furthermore, be sure to marvel at the splendid new setting for the renowned 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, previously worn by Beyoncé herself.