Transformative Pregnancy Journey With the All-Inclusive mom’z Retreat

mom'z Retreat - Photography by Lena Dugnus
Photography by Lena Dugnus

Motherhood is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be equally challenging. According to a recent study conducted by Motherly, nearly half (49%) of all moms report feeling burned out by motherhood. Nowadays, expectant mothers face a whole new set of physical, emotional, and psychological changes that can be difficult to navigate alone. With the demands of childcare, work, and household responsibilities, it’s no wonder many mothers-to-be feel overwhelmed and exhausted. mom’z Retreat

Many future mothers take babymoons to relax, celebrate, and cherish the last few months of pregnancy. There are options available for expectant mothers who are seeking a unique experience to unwind and prepare for motherhood with other like-minded women. mom’z, a unique startup focused on nurturing and empowering new mothers, offers a five-day retreat providing a comprehensive, expert-designed program centered on maternal well-being.

Empowering expectant mothers

Designed by a committed group of female-led European experts, including childbirth educators, senior midwives, well-being leaders, and nutritionists, the mom’z retreats provide a comprehensive, expert-designed program centered on mothers’ wellness.

Shirin Fardi, mom’z founder and CEO, knows first-hand the challenges and rewards of pregnancy being a mother herself. “At mom’z, we are on a mission to help mothers embrace their beautifully imperfect journeys, and we believe it all starts with pregnancy,” shared Fardi, a certified retreat leader who is also a prenatal yoga and meditation instructor and a childbirth educator.

“We’re here to help women go through the uncertainty of pregnancy and help them gain the confidence they need to embrace this unique journey to motherhood,” she adds.

Fardi and her team at mom’z have conducted extensive research by studying over 100 expectant and new mothers. Their research findings were integrated into the five-day retreat program, designed to provide a comprehensive and expertly crafted approach to maternal well-being. The pregnancy retreat gently guides women through a combination of education, relaxation, and creative activities, to help them gain the confidence they need to embrace their unique journey toward motherhood.

A transformative approach to health and wellness

The female-led team at mom’z believes that every mother’s journey is different and that prioritizing love and respect while trusting one’s instincts is vital to raising happy and healthy children. The transformative agenda of mom’z is more than just a wellness retreat; it’s a complete journey designed to support expectant mothers in achieving a joyful and healthy pregnancy, a confident birthing experience, and preparation for the exciting yet unknown adventure of motherhood. 

Each retreat is held in luxurious boutique hotels and rural venues across Europe, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. The mom’z retreats offer delicious and nutritious meals, as well as educational workshops and group activities such as morning movements, meditation exercises, personalized massages, and social moments. These activities aim to give mothers-to-be the knowledge, relaxation techniques, and emotional support they need to confidently embrace their journey to motherhood. The retreats also allow expectant mothers to connect with like-minded women and develop skills in movement, breathing, sleeping, and relaxation.

Prioritizing maternal well-being

The mom’z startup aims to challenge existing narratives surrounding motherhood by encouraging mothers to prioritize their own well-being while nurturing and caring for their children. Their transformative agenda is based on the belief that every woman deserves to feel supported and empowered throughout her pregnancy journey. This belief is reflected in luxurious retreats, tailored exercises, meditations, birth preparation workshops, social activities, soothing massages, and self-care moments.

The mom’z Solo Babymoon retreats are a unique and innovative approach to modern pregnancy wellness and motherhood. By providing a safe and nurturing space for pregnant women to recharge and rejuvenate, mom’z is not only improving the lives of its participants during their pregnancies but also long after by creating a supportive network of women committed to prioritizing their well-being while nurturing and caring for their growing families.