Travis Scott and John McEnroe Team Up with Nike to Bring Back the Legendary Mac Attack Sneaker

Nike is bringing back one of its classic models, the Mac Attack Sneaker, with the help of rapper Travis Scott and tennis legend John McEnroe. The sportswear giant released a video featuring Scott and McEnroe to promote the revival of the iconic shoe.

The timing of the campaign is significant as Scott’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, ‘Utopia,’ is set to be released on June 30th. Fans were excited to see teasers from the album make their way into the Nike campaign.

The video begins with Scott holding his ‘Utopia’ briefcase, rumored to contain the master copy of his album, as he stands alongside McEnroe. Both are dressed in suits and wearing the Mac Attack sneakers. Scott later changes into Utopia-themed Cactus Jack x Nike shorts and showcases his tennis skills by deflecting a ball with a backhand stroke.

Mac Attack Sneaker

While fans eagerly await the return of the Mac Attack, which will now be available in more colorways beyond the original “Light Silver/Black,” rumors about another potential collaboration between Travis Scott and Nike are circulating. The rapper has been seen wearing a pair of Nike footwear with his recognisable backwards Nike Swoosh, signalling a potential collaboration.

In addition to his music career and rumored brand partnerships, Scott is set to co-headline the Rolling Loud Miami music festival in July, keeping him busy. Meanwhile, McEnroe has had a longstanding relationship with Nike, predating Scott’s involvement with the brand. However, Scott has already collaborated with Nike on several Cactus Jack projects, solidifying his connection to the sportswear label.

The Mac Attack Sneaker, featuring its original colorway, is scheduled for release on June 23rd. It will be available through select online retailers and stores. Stay tuned for more updates on the shoe release as the date approaches.