Unveiling Bulgari Mediterranea: Embarking on a Spectacular High Jewelry Voyage Through the Mediterranean

Bulgari presents its latest collection, Mediterranea, which takes us on a mesmerizing voyage across the Mediterranean Sea. Drawing inspiration from the region’s historical significance and diverse artistic traditions, Bulgari showcases its exceptional craftsmanship. The collection pays tribute to the enduring allure of the Mediterranean, with Rome serving as a constant source of inspiration and Venice providing a captivating setting for its unveiling. Bulgari celebrates the intermingling of cultures that have contributed to the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean.

Bulgari, influenced by its founder Sotirio Bulgari’s Mediterranean journey and eventual settlement in Rome, showcases a diverse collection of jewelry creations. The first theme, “Southern Radiance,” captures the energetic essence of Southern Italy, drawing inspiration from intricate architecture, lush gardens, and sunlit coastlines. Within this collection, the Mediterranean Muse necklace stands out with its captivating blue hues and a prominent 15.13-carat cushion sapphire, reminiscent of the rhythmic movement of sea waves. Additionally, the Southern Sapphire platinum necklace features an exquisite design composed of lace-like arrangements of diamonds and transparent sapphires encircling an impressive 66.88-carat Ceylon sapphire.

The “Roman Splendor” universe draws inspiration from the Eternal City itself, Rome. Highlighting the eternal beauty of the city, the Roman Esedra sautoir features a captivating 68.88-carat emerald, while the Muse of Rome necklace showcases an astonishing 218.53-carat emerald. Taking inspiration from the reliefs of the Ara Pacis, the Acanthus Emerald necklace becomes a timeless masterpiece of beauty.

The Mediterranea collection presents captivating pieces featuring the iconic snake motif. Notably, the Mediterranean Sapphire Serpenti necklace combines sapphires and diamonds in a graceful platinum design, exuding elegance. Another remarkable piece, the Baroque Serpenti necklace, pays tribute to the strength and empowerment symbolized by the snake, showcasing lush emerald drops in a voluptuous manner.