Unveiling: Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table ‘Ice and Fire’. A Limited Edition of 28 Pieces

From the legendary Knights of the Round Table emerges Roger Dubuis’ embodiment of timeless collaboration – a masterpiece of hyper-expressivity. Behold the evolution of the Knights of the Round Table with ‘Ice and Fire’, a 28-piece limited edition that summons twelve valiant heroes to defend the realm against an icy menace.

In this latest rendition, the craftsmanship captures the essence of valor, chivalry, and loyalty, thrusting the narrative into a wintry Arthurian adventure. The frozen landscape and meticulously portrayed characters resonate with incredible artistry, drawing inspiration from the immortal fable.

Since the debut of the first Knights of the Round Table timepiece in 2013, Roger Dubuis has consistently molded and refined the collection’s aesthetics, embracing challenges with unwavering courage.

The twelve micro-engraved knights, crafted from 18K pink gold, exhibit dynamic movements, and unique postures, each infused with a distinct personality. This transforms the timepiece into a stage for action, freezing a scene charged with imminent energy. The meticulous craftsmanship involves an elaborate process, from initial drawings to 3D scans, molding, and casting in 18K pink gold. Subsequently, skilled artisans dedicate one to three days to manually engrave each knight, bringing forth exquisite details, from the slimmest swords to nuanced armor.

To showcase these detailed knights, a window beneath the bezel allows the wearer to admire them from every angle, ensuring that no detail is hidden. The knights, symbolic in their quest for the Holy Grail, find themselves in an icy land above a vivid lake. The dial cracks open, adding a sense of movement as the knights face their latest icy adversary.

Roger Dubuis frames this captivating scene with a ring of transparent ice-blue glass, meticulously crafted using the Murano method. Taking six months of research to perfect the exact tone, this glass adorns the outer flange, main disc, and large blocks emerging from the lake. Biscuit porcelain of Limoges coats the blocks, creating a glistening effect of powdered snow, complementing the matte finish with the shiny glass surfaces.

Crafting the dial is a complex process, with Roger Dubuis craftsmen assembling each block one by one, creating a 3D puzzle of radical composition over a month of dedicated effort.

The 45 mm case, made from Titanium Damascus, pays homage to ancient steel craftsmanship. The Damascus approach involves stacking Grade 2 and Grade 5 titanium plates, subjecting them to extreme temperatures, hammering, folding, and a fiery process of acid bath, resulting in a mesmerizing wave pattern. A polished titanium bezel adds contrast to the matte finish, and the crown and protector resemble the guard of a sword, embodying the iconic sword in the stone motif.

The case back reveals a remarkable skeletonized oscillating weight in blue, inspired by medieval stained-glass windows. The automatic caliber RD821SPS, bearing the Poinçon de Genève, powers the watch with 172 parts, operating at 28,800 mph, and providing a 48-hour power reserve.

Completing the ensemble, the dark blue strap with a Quick Release System adds comfort, color, and versatility, allowing wearers to change their look effortlessly.

As rare as the Grail itself, only 28 of these limited edition watches will be made available, each priced at USD 348,000