Warren von Rich: A Lover Of The Night

As an epicurean, lover of beautiful things, darkness and the night, Warren von Rich is a photographer who captures the special moments that can only exist at night.  His fascination with darkness inspires a unique creative process, bringing a particular charm and essence to his work. We spoke with Warren directly for a first-hand look into his interests, photography style, and inspiration.

Warren von Rich, Photographer and self-aclaimed "Lover Of The Night"
Warren von Rich, Photographer and self-aclaimed "Lover Of The Night"

How did you get into photography?

It was quite natural for me. When I was young I was a model and already taking pictures myself. Next, I worked in real estate investment for many years and then felt myself being turned towards art again. 

How would you describe your style?

It changes depending on my mood, but I’d say black. I like things that are the ultimate and I think black is one of them. Gaston Bachelard wrote “Black is the refuge of color.” 

Which photographers have influenced you?

I don’t like to be influenced, I prefer to capture a moment, a light, a person. I don’t like photo shoots that are overly prepared or controlled. There are photographers I like, though. I particularly like the work of Elmunt Newton who was very free. 

Portrait of Warren von Rich, enjoying a sunset boat cruise in France.

Your photos have the distinction of being mainly taken in the evening or at night. Where does your love of the night come from?

I have always loved the night, even as a child I was strongly drawn to the idea of what could happen outside when the shutters were closed and everyone was supposed to be asleep. To love the night is to love the forbidden, transgression, special moments. And you know people are much more open, much freer at night. The girls I photograph at night often find it a special experience because they are not interrupted by their phones, obligations or daytime appointments. The night is a private bubble in which I try to make something special blossom for a limited time, until the night is driven out by day. 

You’re also starting to be quite active on Instagram and sharing a few moments of your life. Are you becoming a kind of a content creator as well?

No, I am the content (laughs). On Instagram I mostly share moments of life, experiences, things I like. 

Are cars one of those things?

Yes, my interest in cars started when I bought my very first car, a Mercedes. I moved on to Porsches and my current main car is a Rolls Royce Wraith that I love. I drive it every day, it is so much fun. And I love looking up at the starry ceiling of my Rolls, it makes me feel like night is never far away, even in the middle of the day… 

Warren von Rich www.warrenvonrich.com

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Photographer Warren von Rich at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France