Zenith’s Collaboration with Susan G. Komen: A Striking Statement in Pink

In 2022, Zenith embarked on a meaningful partnership with Susan G. Komen, the world’s foremost nonprofit organization dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Their collaborative journey began with a special edition of the Chronomaster Original, featuring a captivating pink dial. Building on this commitment, Zenith continued its collaboration with Susan G. Komen in early 2023 by crafting a pièce unique edition of the Chronomaster Original, which was auctioned at Phillips New York Watch Auction: Eight. The remarkable watch exceeded all expectations, nearly doubling its high estimate and fetching a remarkable $30,480, all in support of Susan G. Komen’s vital work.

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the same year, Zenith introduced the limited edition Chronomaster Sport Pink, a timepiece that bears several significant distinctions within the model’s lineage. Notably, the introduction of a special pink hue is a first for this collection, marking a departure from the established dial colors. Its radiant sunburst metallic finish not only enhances its aesthetics but also reflects light in a mesmerizing way, contrasting beautifully with the pristine stainless steel backdrop.

Furthermore, the Chronomaster Sport Pink introduces an entirely new bezel, a departure from the conventional ceramic to stainless steel. This shift brings a touch of nostalgia, with a polished surface and black-filled engraved markers that evoke memories of the iconic El Primero “Rainbow” models from the 1990s. The watch’s intricate mechanism is revealed through the sapphire display back, showcasing Zenith’s latest El Primero caliber, complete with a 1/10th of a second indication and an impressive 60-hour power reserve.

Julien Tornare, the CEO of Zenith, expressed his enthusiasm about the Chronomaster Sport’s role in this philanthropic endeavor: “The Chronomaster Sport is definitely our most emblematic modern El Primero chronograph today, and I’m so happy to see it serve as a vessel to promote the fight against breast cancer and raise awareness. Susan G. Komen is doing an incredible job making a difference for women across the world, and Zenith is proud and humbled to support their efforts.”

Zenith’s collaboration with Susan G. Komen has not only resulted in exquisite timepieces but also made a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of both style and substance in horology.