Anthelion Helicopters

Did you ever want to see Los Angeles from above? We’re not talking just flying over at 30,000 feet – this is a more intimate and thrilling experience with LA , soaring along the coastline at sunset or right over the center of the city!

Located in the heart of Long Beach, California, Anthelion Helicopters is a premier flight training school and Los Angeles helicopter tour company. Anthelion Helicopters’ years of aviation experience allow them to offer an extensive array of services in all aspects of helicopter aviation.

For beginners, they offer helicopter tours of the city, and aerial photography.  These flights are anything but basic! The route can be catered to exactly what you want to see, and optimized using specific aircraft to accommodate those needs. Whether it’s the ‘Beach Boardwalk Tour’, ‘La Live Tour’, or ‘Downtown Lights Tour’, each offers a truly memorable experience. You can even sit down with their team and plan your own route for flying!

What makes this company even better, is that they are true professionals.  Aside from tours, Anthelion Helicopters also offers extensive training for both a private and commercial pilots license, certified flight instruction, instrument rating training, and more. With the use of an Advanced Aircraft Training Device, this simulated experience helps further develop and perfect the art of flying.

For those that possess an even greater interest in helicopters, Anthelion Helicopters can assist with buying, selling, or upgrading your helicopter. Already own a helicopter? They also offer aircraft management to make the most of your aircraft.

Whether you want to bring a friend on a tour of Los Angeles, or take charge and learn to fly yourself, Anthelion Helicopters can make those dreams a reality.

Be sure to check out their website for further information and inquire about booking today!



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