Heron Yacht Charters

Unrivaled in luxury sailing, Heron Yacht Charters offers a unique private yachting experience throughout New York and the Virgin Islands

The seafoam green, 2 masted catamaran “Heron” is a spacious sailing vessel perfect for cruising the sea.

What began as a one of a kind yacht designed by Chris White, Heron was formerly known as Concept 63. It’s purpose was for family sailing, and was docked in Maine for nearly a decade. Captain Cameron McLellan discovered Heron, bringing the boat back to seaworthy condition. After a trip to the Caribbean, and meeting who is now Shannon McLellan, Heron underwent a process of certification to become a U.S. Coast Guard inspected vessel.

Since 2012, Heron has called the New York’s East End home for the summer months. Whether in the Hamptons, Montauk, or Sag Harbor, Heron is available for private charter to host an intimate evening or gathering. While also available through NYC at the end of the summer, Heron then sails down to the islands of St Barth, St Thomas, and St John. For those who can’t get enough of the Heron experience, you can enjoy the same pleasures aboard Heron in the carribean.

In addition to private family affairs, Heron can be enjoyed for a variety of parties and gatherings. Whether a corporate event, photo shoot, wedding rehearsal, or spa charter, the team at Heron can cater to many offerings to make your experience truly one of a kind.

Learn more about Heron Yacht online at SyHeron.com – and book your getaway today!




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