Knew Planet Bracelets


We’re all about accessorizing to add personal style or a flair to any attire – and we’ve found a great new accessory company to provide just that.

Knew Planet is a California based business specializing in unique accessories. KP was founded by two like-minded entrepreneurs who wanted to produce products they too would wear and stand out from the norm. As a result, the collection represents products that capture the essence of a well-dressed and confident individual.

The initial product launch includes two variations of their leather wrap anchor bracelets. With the use of a thin, wax-sealed leather cord and unique KP anchor hardware accent, the bracelet is simple while modern. The anchor itself acts as the closure by attaching to the end of a leather loop. Each of the two launch edition bracelets (available with either a Glossy Black or Matte Grey anchor) are limited to 500 units and with individually numbered pouches, making them unique.

Whether you are into bold bracelets or those with a refined feel, Knew Planet’s anchor bracelets are the perfect fit and make for great gifts. Shop the limited release online at


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