Larte Design V-Class Black Crystal


As many successful people know, time is the most precious commodity. Each day requires careful planning and time management, to ensure they are making the most effective use of every moment while still maintaining a perfect balance of down-time.  Often this involves multiple destinations where traveling in privacy and comfort is key to a relaxing ride and conducive to a productive work environment.

Introducing the new V-Class Black Crystal by LARTE Design – discover a car, offering a maximum level of comfort and individuality. This luxurious “business jet on wheels” was built to demonstrate its passengers a high level of wellbeing, emphasizing their high and unparalleled status.

This specially customised V-Class will attract attention wherever it goes. It features an expressive and unique body design from LARTE, showing a perfect refinement and clarity of lines. The brand-new front and rear bumpers are made of composite materials and decorated with carbon fiber elements. Two black Swarovski crystals are embedded in the front bumper, symbolizing the name of the tuning package.

The list of upgrades includes the latest developments in optics – fog lamps with dual optical elements. Moreover, the LARTE Black Crystal features stunning LED daytime running lights, which have become a typical design feature of the company. Here, they highlight the aesthetic design of the “business jet on wheels”.

Making for the ultimate personal transportation, LARTE Black Crystal  will allow you to travel in comfort and style as you cruise through the day. Sitting in the roomy Mercedes, the passengers can indulge in a perfect lounge atmosphere and forget about the daily struggle.

Now, you can enjoy the comfort and aesthetics – every minute and inch of your way, imbued with a unique and exclusively chosen vehicle.


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