A Look at the New Mercedes Benz E-Class

The stunning Mercedes Benz 10th generation E-Class takes on a new look with a sleeker interior and a tougher appearance all around. The E-Class is a staple model for the Mercedes Benz brand and the entire automotive industry. Building upon Mercedes Benz’ approach of modern elegance, the updated design truly shines through in the new E-Class. It’s sculptural interior features smooth lines that flow from one component to the next, creating a fluidity not often found in the cabin of vehicles. The interior design featured above displays a black designo leather and a pink ambiance lighting trim finish, with an abundance of innovative technology. From it’s sleek refinement to it’s LED lighting trim surfacing, the interior all around is an icon of style for generations. The Mercedes Benz brand boasts fine craftsmanship from its modern design and materials, sleek trims, hand polished wood lining finishes, to its hand fitted and double stitched leather upholstery. A central analog timepiece is positioned and finished with true class. All of these features make the experience driving the Mercedes Benz E-Class more of a pleasurable journey than simply a means of transportation. The 10th generation E-Class sedan carries a subtle yet powerful 2.0L inline-4 turbo engine, with a total of 241 hp, and an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds. Equipped with an ECO start/stop system to reduce emissions at stop lights or in a stationary position as well as saving fuel. This is an awesome new feature that allows for a cleaner environment. We are very pleased to encounter this feature in these latter years in car making. Our environment should always come first! Overall the new E-Class is a stunning new ride for your family and a daily car of choice for many obvious reasons, a true staple and mark in the automotive industry at its finest.





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