10 Companies With Your Health In Mind

1. NatureCity

With over 20 years of steady growth and renowned customer engagement, the team behind NatureCity’s family-forward supplement brand puts your health and individual journey in the front seat, making the hustle for a healthier lifestyle a little less time-consuming. This family operation began in 2002 in Boca Raton, FL with Carl and Beth Pradelli, who saw an opportunity for improvement in the supplements market and in their personal lives. After building separate careers in respective fields, the Pradelli team found more purpose in supplying high-quality, transparent, and accessible supplements to the nutrition community, which was consistently showered with unreliable placebo products. Today, their all-star product lineup enjoys a loyal following, and every product is carefully designed with formulas that the Pradelli’s themselves would add to their daily dosage. Proudly blended and packaged in the USA, NatureCity rocks an educational edge, for each online listing details a thorough profile with benefits, origins, and feedback from trusted professionals. NatureCity offers a one-year money back guarantee just in case you don’t find what you’re looking for. Even still, this dedicated team is on standby with any questions a newbie may have in the supplements category, and it’s a whole new world waiting to be discovered for those willing to learn.

2. Masami Hair

High-performing hair care is essential to daily hygiene, and with the addition of ultra-hydrating formulas from Masami Hair into your routines, clean beauty never felt so good. Lynn Power and James Hammett, co-founders of Masami, sought real solutions with real ingredients when they founded this line of hair care in 2020, serving a parched market in desperate need of safer, more creative options. The secret to Masami sustainability is their relationship with the healing powers of the sea, harvesting all natural botanicals to compliment any hair condition. Their prized ingredient, mekabu, is a byproduct of Japanese wakame seaweed, found to hydrate our skin without heavy baggage. The mekabu is ethically sourced from northeastern Japan, and is further supported by other earthly components, like apricot oil, aloe, and blueberry extract, among other beneficial nutrients. Even better, all Masami products are vegan, cruelty free, and void of parabens, sulfates, or toxic additives. The aquatic rhythms of Masami speak to all genders and lifestyles, offering an oceanwide scope of possibilities in your daily hair regimens. Since their founding, Masami has earned the 2021 Beauty Innovation Awards “best product” certification, as well as secured their post among the leading salon-quality hair essentials with an added element of true vitality through healthy hydration.  

3. Truly, Teal

As with anything worthwhile, it starts with passion. What began as a personal quest for honest allure quickly blossomed into a labor of love, as explained by Truly, Teal’s slogan, “Our chemistry, your beauty”. Jimie Sanchez, the protagonist of Truly, Teal’s love-laced skincare story, looks to her difficult trials in developing her own beauty rituals as the genesis of her artistry, actively rejecting the idea of a, “one size fits all” approach to skincare strategies in favor of a universally unique perspective. Her product line is clean, congenial, and executed with style. Though each serum, cleanser, and scrub is free of toxic waste and artificial coloring, the beating heart of this beauty line is teal, Jimie’s husband Carlos’s favorite shade of blue. With ample support from friends and family, the Sanchez team launched their luscious line of skin ware in May of 2021, quickly earning praise through Dallas Voyage Magazine and NBCLX for best new skincare line. The products are offered at competitive rates and do away with harmful ingredients that allow careful courtship with all skin types. Your first fit is your own skin, so we better treat it with teal. 

4. Elevant

Elevant’s mission is simple – live in your prime, for longer. With a formula developed in partnership with biochemists, scientists, researchers, and longevity experts, the company boasts a 125mg NMN supplement with benefits extending from improved brain, eye, and heart function to a renewed vitality & healthy aging. Thanks to recent discoveries around NMN, a nucleotide proven to  reduce age-linked changes in gene expression, the company banded a team together to provide an everyday solution to maintaining your health on a cellular level. At Elevant, they use a unique form of NMN, called NMN-C®, which is safer and more effective than other precursors to increase the production of NAD+; a molecule your cells need to perform the hundreds of processes in order to effectively keep your body running smoothly. With safety as a top priority, you can find Elevant with just about every stamp of approval in the book with cGMP Certification, FDA Self-GRAS backing and pharmaceutical grade engineering. More reasons to give Elevant a try can be found on their website!

5. AXO Nutrition

The secret to a successful workout is how you start and finish your sets, whether that’s mountain biking, jogging, bouldering, or anything else that keeps you going. With AXO Nutrition, you can ease into any activity set up for success and finish with total recovery. Their naturally flavored gummies are designed to improve performance by starting you off on the right foot and rewarding the body with vital nutrients that only sustain your energy levels rather than depleting them. Unlike most performance-enhancing supplements, which normally require you to mix with water, the gummies from AXO Nutrition are quick, simple, and supply your body with the necessary vitamins for victory without adding unnecessary baggage. Do away with chalky powders and make room in your wellness cupboard for these allergen free, non-GMO, tasty treats built for your inner champion. The real workout begins at the end of your hustle, when your body needs revitalized and organic energy to build upon. Once AXO Nutrition launched in 2018, it became very clear that the gummy market was hardly tapped and needed to be wielded in the right hands in order to produce the best results. With AXO Nutrition at your side, you can become the best version of yourself without making a total mess, even if life decides to make one.   

6. BrainJuice®

Founded in 2016, BrainJuice® is a natural brain supplement that was scientifically designed to support cognitive function from your mood & alertness to your memory & muscle control. Their products consist of a “BrainPower Blend” which includes essential vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and organic superfoods that are naturally sweetened, low in sugar, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and glyphosate free. With quick success locally in Austin, Texas, the brand has since expanded into franchised retailers across the country such as Whole Foods Markets, H-E-B, and Central Market. Additionally, the company plans on launching new products in 2022 with a product emphasis on brain health, immunity, as well as a few surprises you’ll have to watch out for!

7. Mixhers

The women behind Mixhers are bringing your menstrual health to the frontlines for discussion, awareness, and support through an expansive line of drink supplements that build a stronger community for women, by women. After a severe streak of postpartum PMS with nowhere to turn, co-founder and CEO, Jess Toolson, teamed up with Cody Sanders, co-founder and holistic health guru, to create the solutions women needed most. Mixhers deal in colorful, clean, and creative drink enhancers that support any stage of your life and erupt with natural flavor. Each supplement is packed with key ingredients that your body needs to function properly, and adding your daily dose of CThe women behind Mixhers are bringing your menstrual health to the frontlines for discussion, awareness, and support through an expansive line of drink supplements that build a stronger community for women, by women. After a severe streak of postpartum PMS with nowhere to turn, co-founder and CEO, Jess Toolson, teamed up with Cody Sanders, co-founder and holistic health guru, to create the solutions women needed most. Mixhers deal in colorful, clean, and creative drink enhancers that support any stage of your life and erupt with natural flavor. Mixhers’ sticks are perfect for anything from on-the-go Monday’s to mocktails with your girl gang. Each supplement is packed with crucial ingredients that your body needs to function properly. When you invest in your health, you’re investing in a tight community of women who grow together through experience and have fun along the way. Nutrition deficiency is the root cause of hormone imbalance, and juicy brews like “Herlove” awaken libido through simple ingredients like maca, pomegranate, passionfruit, and more. For the botanical beauties, “Hergreens” is bubbling with 14 different vegetables, like wheatgrass and sea kelp. No matter your craving, Mixhers makes the day a little easier and empowers the individual to seize their own strength. Thirsty for more? Check out the team’s podcast, “It’s Hertime”, which corrects the narratives surrounding women’s health. 

8. Still Life

Still Life is a fast-emerging app that equips users with the tools to reduce anxiety and build a greater sense of self-awareness and well-being through the practice of stillness. Founded in 2020, the California-based company follows the belief that quieting the mind and silencing negative thought patterns can help generate peace, focus, and aerial clarity. Still Life guides its users through an intentional flow of meditation practices, removing inconsistencies and allowing people to create personalized stillness exercises. Designed to optimize mental performance and strengthen the mind, each planet offers a series of orbital meditations centered on a unique theme—focus, clarity or emotional balance. Still Life welcomes a moment of rest in our touch-and-go society, allowing you to be fully present wherever you are. While the app primarily explores meditative states, it also provides a strategy for focused energy (Go Mode) and emergency balance (S.O.S.). Still Life is free to download and offers a premium subscription that allows users to unlock their complete journey, as well as business packages for your office team. Mental clarity is critical for every day performance, and Still Life keeps your flow in rotation. 

9. MyoStorm

MyoStorm is a fast-rising wellness brand launched by Founder and CEO Jonothan “Jono” DiPeri. With a focus on muscle recovery devices, MyoStorm’s debut product, The Meteor,  propelled the company to prominence after receiving praise by the “sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank (2019). The Meteor is a palm-sized, self-heating, vibrating massage ball designed to reduce muscle aches, facilitate recovery and increase flexibility. Utilizing leading-edge technology, MyoStorm is set to release a collection of new and innovative products early this year that intend to outshine the already saturated muscle recovery market. Their wellness tools work best in the most unassuming places, like in the office after a stressful meeting, or in the car during a long road trip. Muscle health is not exclusive to physical fitness, and can be woven seamlessly into your daily tasks. By way of therapeutic heat application and gentle vibrations, it’s marketed as a deep tissue massage in the palm of your hand. MyoStorm’s product line is clean, bold, and direct in its approach to body performance, seeking to reduce muscle stiffness and empower your activity through rejuvenation and quality self-care. Items like The Meteor are portable and user-friendly, lending to stronger anatomy when it matters most.

10. Beckon Ice Cream

Beckon Ice Cream is a female-founded, lactose-free ice cream company established by close friends and Co-Founders Katy Flannery and Gwen Burlingame. The self-proclaimed ice cream lovers sought to create a lactose-free ice cream brand that offered the same creamy decadence as traditional ice cream. Since launching their first ice cream flavor in 2015, the brand has released a wide assortment of flavors with options that include Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter Cup, Espresso and several more.