A Collaboration Between Porsche and Frauscher

A Zero-Emission Day Cruiser Forged in Partnership with Renowned Austrian Yacht Manufacturer, Frauscher

In a groundbreaking alliance, Porsche has joined forces with the storied Austrian yacht fabricator, Frauscher, to embark on a unique journey of crafting an electric speedboat, marking yet another testament to the burgeoning automotive industry’s interest in nautical ventures.

This audacious endeavor unveiled on the 24th of June, transpires three months following BMW’s revelation of a 43-foot electric foiling yacht and a span of two years since Lamborghini’s spectacular introduction of a high-velocity 63-foot motor yacht. It’s a voyage in which the likes of Aston Martin, Bugatti, and Lexus have previously participated in tandem with celebrated shipyards.

The sleek and agile 28-foot marvel is rooted in Frauscher’s acclaimed 858 Fantom Air motor yacht, characterized by its propulsion system imbued with the cutting-edge automatic drive technology of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). 

This groundbreaking technology, set to make its debut in Porsche’s forthcoming Macan EV, incorporates a robust lithium-ion battery boasting a generous 100 kWh capacity, a state-of-the-art perpetually excited synchronous electric motor (PSM) of the most advanced iteration, and the essential power electronics that orchestrate this maritime symphony.

While specific performance specifications remain shrouded in secrecy, Porsche assures that this zero-emission aquatic vessel will gracefully navigate not only tranquil harbors and serene bays but also venture upon open lakes and confront the tumultuous waters of the high seas. Ensuring convenience, the boat will be compatible with DC fast-charging stations while also allowing for AC charging, providing flexibility in power replenishment.

Remarkably, the vessel’s connection to Porsche extends beyond the propulsion system. It inherits the sterling attributes of Porsche’s esteemed all-electric Taycan, characterized by its impressive acceleration, abundant torque, unparalleled performance, and captivating design—a fusion of characteristics that has come to epitomize the Porsche legacy.

The day cruiser bears the unmistakable imprint of the Porsche design philosophy. Studio F.A. Porsche, with meticulous craftsmanship, undertakes the holistic design of the helm, encompassing the steering apparatus and the central console replete with throttle controls and integrated displays. 

Onboard, a generous aft lounge adorned with twin sun pads, a free-standing helm and cockpit, and two cushioned benches positioned forward. Porsche assumes a pivotal role in shaping the vessel’s seating, elevating comfort to an art form. The yacht boasts the added luxury of two bimini tops to bestow shade, an electric anchor winch with a stainless-steel anchor, a premium audio system, and a refrigeration unit. All of this is harmoniously orchestrated to accommodate a total of nine passengers, offering an opulent maritime experience.

In the words of Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman and member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT at Porsche AG, “The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air, much like our esteemed sports cars, delivers an extraordinary blend of performance and opulence.” This alliance symbolizes a confluence of excellence in both the automotive and maritime domains, promising a unique fusion of luxury and high performance.

The venture’s maiden endeavor foresees the release of a limited, exclusive first edition, comprising a select fleet of 25 units that are poised for delivery commencing in 2024. A spokesperson from Porsche has suggested that the price point for this exclusive maritime masterpiece is estimated at approximately $655,000 (€600,000).