Artistically Refashioned 262-Foot Superyacht Transforms From Rugged Voyager to High Seas Elegance

In the realm of nautical opulence, the Kestrel emerges as an embodiment of grandeur, replete with a pool, a helipad, twin cinemas, and an observation lounge. This maritime masterpiece was crafted through the visionary partnership of Bassan & Benedetti.

In a poignant unveiling at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, the Italian studio unveiled a captivating concept, exemplifying the artistry of cost-effective and effortless conversions. Christened the Kestrel, this 262-foot marvel stands as a virtual testament to the potentiality of revitalizing an existing explorer, bolstered by the expertise of McFarlane ShipDesign.

A spokesperson for the studio aptly pointed out, “The surging demand for conversions, driven by fiscal prudence and expediency relative to new constructions, coupled with the abundant availability of supply vessels in the market, underscores the significance of this venture.”

The foundational donor vessel embodies utilitarian resilience, possessing an ice-class hull and a wave-penetrating bow. The core exterior, apparatus, and engineering elements remain intact, while Kestrel introduces novel components to elevate the aesthetic. Naturally, these augmentations are custom-tailored to cater to the discerning preferences of the proprietor.

By default, the living accommodations extend a hospitable welcome to 14 guests and a crew complement of 25. The primary deck hosts six commodious guest cabins, while a dedicated deck houses the owner’s suite. The interior space includes an upper deck observation lounge, a sprawling wellness domain encompassing over 1,000 square feet, and a luxuriant cinema hall.

Complementing the transformation, the interior design elegantly salutes the vessel’s origins while embracing a refined material palette. The decor harmoniously blends industrial aesthetics with contemporary allure, artfully adorning the spacious quarters with sleek, avant-garde furnishings.

Open-air indulgence knows no bounds on the Kestrel. An 18-foot pool, an alfresco cinema, and a helipad graced with an optional hangar beckon enthusiasts of the outdoors. Furthermore, the capacious garage readily accommodates a submersible, two tenders measuring up to 40 feet, four jet skis, diving paraphernalia, and an array of aquatic diversions.

In terms of performance, the Kestrel showcases its prowess. With an ability to attain a top speed of 18 knots and a serene cruising velocity of 16 knots, this vessel encapsulates the zenith of maritime engineering.

Helmed by the design luminaries Giulia Bassan and Alessandro Benedetti, the studio previously introduced a 256-foot expedition vessel, birthed from an Ulstein supply vessel, in 2021, affirming their dedication to revolutionizing the world of seafaring opulence