After The Handshake: Popl Is Pioneering A Frontier Of Networking

It’s safe to say that we’ve ushered in a new era of transactional social skills, notably in the wake of COVID-19 where automation and clean, efficient touch-and-go maneuvers took center stage. The pandemic spurred a new approach to the work life balance, showing us all what could be, and what could be sent as an email. With this digital renaissance we’ve also greeted new standards across all mediums, especially in networking strategies. As our world symbiotically grows smaller and larger, we need to assess how we navigate the new, and the power of Popl makes a whole lot of sense now that you think about it.

Launched in 2019 by Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eischens, Popl arrived just in time for a global shutdown, allowing the brand plenty of leg room to develop its technique and even out the kinks of early startupship. Popl is a digital business card that allows you to instantly share your information with anyone you meet. As a culture, we’re already moving towards paperless engagement, evident in many markets, from real estate and marketing to education and fine art. To some degree, the pandemic silenced social interaction, and then Popl made some noise. Through digital business cards, we’re able to continue nurturing human interaction but with added safety, security, and efficiency, breaking ground in new territory that will surely explore elements of network expansions and social media platforms. At the top of 2022, Popl is just getting started.

Frontier Of Networking

The technology that makes up Popl’s architecture can often feel cold and alienating, but the reality is that Popl doesn’t eliminate social engagement but rather encourages it, and makes it fun. To share their info, a Popl user can simply tap their Popl device (phone tag, smart card, wristband, or keychain)  to someone’s phone. In doing so, each person gains immediate access to social media channels, contact info, websites, online portfolios, and any other preferred links. The anatomy of Popl naturally encourages interactions between strangers, and the steps that follow are streamlined for easier connection. Popl is the perfect companion for any professional setting, but it’s also immensely beneficial across any social landscape, positioning Popl as a champion for all walks of life. 

Popl has significantly changed the way we conduct business and how we spark conversation, and this young team of professionals aren’t afraid of applying unconventional strategies to their work. Through partnerships with other digital entities like Zapier, which will allow Popl users to connect any app across any platform, Popl is reducing our digital footprint to be more accessible and far reaching. Better still, the Popl QR code updates in real time and allows the user to share their info without an internet signal (peep festival season). 

Frontier Of Networking

The team behind Popl follows a work hard, play harder mentality, encouraging ethos like inclusivity and accessibility in their business model. This is further achieved in their collaboration with Nomad by creating a phone case that integrates NFC technology for people who prefer a more sleek design. Illuminating convenience is a top priority for Popl, as seen in their in-store rollouts with Staples and Walmart.Frontier Of Networking

With all of this creative execution, the team maintains a coveted level of ingenuity in their work that’s often lost in technological advancement. The Popl team is like a family, all who work closely together in Los Angeles to maintain authenticity in everything they do. As a brand, Popl has covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, as seen by their recent certification on Instagram. While Popl is made for every kind of individual, they have recently poured a lot of their energy into growing team-based markets, like other companies and startups with a larger workforce. The idea is to offer digital business cards to all companies, which puts the steering wheel in management teams to better structure their squads. Alvarez-Cohen and Eischens have already spoken with companies as small as five members to thousands and climbing, with a goal of supplying most business teams in 2-3 years. If everything goes according to plan, Popl will become the industry standard, and in many ways, it already is.Frontier Of Networking

The central motivation behind Popl is bringing people closer together, whether that’s making the sale, distributing freelance work, or meeting a new friend. The structure of Popl is designed to work for everyone, everywhere, and as we navigate a new world of contactless engagement, we have to consider what human interaction might look like years down the road. Popl provides an easy solution that fits every possible category of social activity in the palm of your hand. Frontier Of Networking