Airship Travel is the Future of Luxurious and Sustainable Travel

Ocean Sky Cruises Vizualiation
Ocean Sky Cruises Vizualiation - Photo by KIRTxTHOMSEN

Whether you’re planning a short business trip or an extended holiday getaway, Airship Travel OceanSky Cruises, Neona Airship, and Hybrid Air Vehicles are here to provide you with the ultimate travel experience.

The core principles of exploration, elegance, and sustainability are at the heart of Airship travel. They may soar for days at a time, land anywhere, and travel to unexplored parts of the world. 

Unlike any other modern form of air travel, their size enables roomy and pleasant cabins, lounges, superb dining spaces, and expansive panoramic windows. Due to their special lifting powers, they are one of the most sustainable vehicles because their energy efficiency is maximized.

Although Noena and Hybrid have not announced a launch date, we look forward to OceanSky’s inaugural voyage to the North Pole following excursions to the Skeleton Coast of Africa in 2024-2026.

Capricorn Voyage - OceanSky Cruises
Capricorn Voyage – Credit:OceanSky Cruises
OceanSky Cruises - Courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd and Design Q
Courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd and Design Q
OceanSky Cruises ob-board Bar and Lounge - Courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd and Design Q
Courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd and Design Q

OceanSky Cruises, the largest air cruise organization in the world, provides private staterooms with spectacular views and Michelin Star-level meals designed by top local chefs, procuring the finest locally sourced wines, while surrounded by unique and remote destinations.

  • Skyscraper perspectives on OceanAir enable views of completely untouched regions. Airships sail at a relatively low height, allowing a clear views of herds of animals grazing freely on the plains and whales breaching along the coast.
  • Staterooms are designed to make the most of the available floor space and fully immerse guests in the breathtaking surroundings seen from the sharply inclined windows.
  • The dining experience aboard OceanAir boasts a unique and engaging culinary delight. Every meal is served to stay in step with the voyage. Each dining seating is  linked with the storytelling of the trip, paying honor to the constellations, landscapes, and all the natural beauty the travelers will encounter.

The thrill of experiencing Airship Cruising is upon us; OceanAir is booking right now; you are just a few clicks away. Good luck on your next journey!