All About The Historic UFC Fight Between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva

Jake Paul, Georges St-Pierre, and Anderson Silva Caitlin O’Hara, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul, Georges St-Pierre, and Anderson Silva Caitlin O’Hara, SHOWTIME

Jake Paul is about to take one of his great challenges yet, boxing one of the MMA fighter legends, Anderson Silva. Silva is also known for his mixed martial arts that separated him from others. He broke many and several records in his time as middleweight champion. His style of fighting with his opponent has made him a legend. As it is said, Silva is a great boxer and competent boxer, who makes no mistakes, thus this match will be very interesting.

Views of Silva over the match

As per the statement that he sent to ESPN, he said everything in life has a purpose and nothing comes by a chance. In addition to this, he thanks God for his health, family, and team for the opportunity he got to do what he loves the most.

Moreover, he believes it will be the biggest fight event of the year and will make history in the sport forever.

Who is the great and legendary Anderson Silva?

He is one of the greatest and legendary fighters in UFC history. He became famous after defeating Rich Franklin in UFC’s Middleweight title in 2006, and he kept his record and title for a record of 2,457 days.

In UFC fights, he has a 16-fight undefeated streak which makes him special and this record stands to this day.

Who is the social media influencer, Jake Paul?

Before coming into the profession of boxing, he was a well-known Youtuber and had a great presence on social media platforms.

It is reported that he came into boxing in recent years after a viral boxing match with UK Youtuber KSI, where he showed his talent for boxing and he has been fighting ever since.

Is this an appropriate fight?

Though Jake Paul has been very selective when it comes to his opponent and plays a very smart game this time, this match and his opponents are unique for many slew of reasons.

If we start by comparing the size, perhaps it is the most important one, and if we notice closely, we find that every fight of Jake Paul has been against an undersized fighter. At present time, Paul has a fighting weight of 190 pounds but in his last fight, which was with Tyron Woodley, competed at 170 pounds.

Silva has a fighting weight of 185 pounds and regularly he stepped up in weight to fight in the light heavyweight division of UFC. 

Silva had previous experience in boxing and he is one of the most lethal strikers in MMA history