Aman’s Global Odyssey: Unveiling Extravagant Retreats from Bangkok to Beverly Hills

Aman is a maestro in crafting havens that evoke desired sensations – the solitude yearned for, a detachment from the worldly cacophony, yet a profound sense of belonging. Read below for a look at their upcoming projects to be unveiled soon.

Aman Nai Lert Bangkok, Thailand

Amidst the towering edifices of central Bangkok, Thailand’s inaugural urban Aman abode and residences shall ascend from the lush refuge known as Nai Lert Park. In this locale, history and nature shall interlace to narrate a novel Aman saga, intricately woven with the venerable legacy of Thailand’s esteemed Nai Lert lineage.

Amanvari, Mexico

Concealed at the juncture where the sea, untamed desert, and fertile farmland converge, Aman’s novel retreat in Mexico promises a tranquil getaway and secluded haven on the fringes of the Sea of Cortés.

AlUla, Saudi Arabia

In alignment with Aman’s trailblazing ethos, three nascent resorts will proffer an unparalleled glimpse into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They shall unveil its magnificent, untarnished natural panoramas and archaeological treasures, long shrouded in obscurity.

Wadi Safar, Saudi Arabia

Nestled in the extraordinary desert expanse near Riyadh, this establishment will draw inspiration from its unspoiled surroundings and traditional Najdi design elements. It aspires to embrace the ethos of a communal lifestyle, cultivating a resort ambiance that intertwines seamlessly with the wadis and plateaus of its otherworldly desert locale.

Aman Miami Beach, United States

A serene retreat nestled in the beating heart of Miami Beach’s dynamic Faena District, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Aman Miami Beach will encompass an Aman hotel, meticulously restoring the historic Versailles edifice, alongside the inception of the novel Aman Miami Beach Residences. Both shall exude originality and serenity, effacing the boundaries between the internal and external realms, in homage to Miami’s undulating skyline and expansive ocean vistas.

Aman Beverly Hills, United States

Enveloped within eight acres of botanical splendor, yet mere moments away from the storied lanes of Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard, Aman Beverly Hills shall house an Aman Club, Aman Hotel, and Aman Residences. A naturally inspiring setting, in harmony with the urban tapestry, it is destined to be the focal point of this grand urban verdant expanse.

Aman Niseko, Japan

Crafted by the late Kerry Hill to harmonize with its unspoiled natural milieu, this property epitomizes Aman’s meticulous attention to detail while embodying the renowned thoughtfulness inherent in Japanese hospitality. The sole development on the mountain, encompasses Japan’s inaugural destination wellness retreat and 31 Aman Residences, all ensconced within a nature reserve, affording unparalleled vistas of Mount Yotei.