European Luxury Train Introduces New Italian Riviera Itinerary for 2024 – Featuring a Stay in Portofino

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, an illustrious Belmond Train, has revealed an exciting and novel European journey scheduled to commence in June of the upcoming year. In a statement shared with Travel + Leisure, the company disclosed its plans for a captivating voyage from Paris to Portofino, navigating the enchanting landscapes of the Italian Riviera. This marks a historic milestone as it will be the maiden visit of the company’s esteemed trains to this illustrious region in its four-decade legacy.

“The inception of this new annual overnight expedition will witness the train meandering through the picturesque French countryside and tracing the sun-kissed Mediterranean Riviera coastline, culminating at the Splendido, A Belmond Hotel, Portofino, where guests will luxuriate for two nights,” the company announced.

Upon arrival at the hotel, guests will be treated to an exquisite meal curated by the train’s revered chef, Jean Imbert, featuring a personalized tasting menu.

Embarking on the three-night journey from Paris on June 20, guests can settle into their opulent onboard chambers, each meticulously adorned with art deco elements reminiscent of the opulence and grace of the golden era of rail travel. An upgrade to the locomotive includes the addition of eight brand-new suites, providing guests with a choice among three distinctive room categories. Among these options lies the pinnacle of luxury, the Grand Suites, each meticulously designed to mirror renowned European cities such as Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

As the train winds its way through Dijon, Lyon, and Avignon, guests can revel in entertainment at the piano lounge or indulge in delectable meals served in the restaurant cars. The company promises an exceptional dining experience, with each course thoughtfully paired with select wines from its exclusive collection.

In the morning, guests can relish a private breakfast in their cabins, allowing for a leisurely start to the day while savoring panoramic vistas unfolding outside their windows. This scenic journey includes captivating views of Ventimiglia, Savona, and Genoa before arriving at Santa Margherita Ligure, where guests transition to Splendido for the subsequent two nights. The expedition culminates with an exclusive open-air movie screening at Portofino’s renowned Piazzetta, allowing guests to soak in the spectacular vistas.

Prices for this remarkable train journey commence at approximately $8,525 per person, based on double occupancy of a Historic Cabin on the train and a Garden View Room at Splendido.