New Restaurant Roundup: New York Restaurants On Our Radar

NINA – DUMBO, Brooklyn

In the heart of Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, NINA at 80 Front Street opened its doors on November 30th. Helmed by renowned Israeli Chef Sagi Azrouel, making his New York debut after a decade as a private chef for global elites, NINA promises an immersive blend of all-day dining and nightlife. Chef Azrouel’s culinary journey, inspired by Mediterranean flavors from Ashdod, centers on simplicity, highlighting fresh vegetables and meticulously prepared seafood and meats. The 162-seat restaurant fosters community connections with intimate “mini lounges,” encouraging group dining. NINA’s menu reflects Chef Azrouel’s dedication to vibrant, unforgettable dishes, catering to diverse palates.

Gioia – Oyster Bay, Long Island

GIOIA, translating to Joy in Italian, stands as a pasta shop and restaurant in Oyster Bay. At GIOIA, joy and pasta are meant to be shared around the table, fostering moments of togetherness. Inspired by Emilia-Romagna, Chef Jesse Schenker’s menu highlights seasonal vegetables and handmade pasta dishes. Within the warm embrace of GIOIA, handmade pasta, Italian cocktails, and heartfelt hospitality craft a joyous dining experience. Whether for brunch with friends or a late-night amaro, GIOIA invites you to savor moments of joy.

Sora Omakase – Stony Brook, Long Island

Nestled in the town of Stony Brook, New York, Sora Omakase offers a curated culinary journey by Chef Osan. Hailing from China and trained in Japan, Chef Osan presents two enticing menu options. The beverage selection complements diverse flavors, featuring sushi pieces, Uni Ikura Don, and Chef Osan’s handcrafted roll. The journey concludes with Tamago and green tea ice cream, promising a sensorial exploration of Japanese cuisine in NYC.

Sartianos – SOHO NYC 

Situated in the heart of SoHo at The Mercer, Sartiano seamlessly blends Italian heritage and cuisine with a contemporary fine dining experience. Conceived by the renowned lifestyle architect, Scott Sartiano, and boasting culinary direction from the three-time James Beard award-winning Chef Alfred Portale, Sartiano’s stands as a testament to a harmonious fusion of sophisticated design and exquisite culinary artistry. Sartianos, a luxurious retreat in SOHO NYC Dandelion, beckons with opulent ambiance and a tribute to Italian gastronomy. The restaurant showcases the diverse flavors of Italian cuisine and Mediterranean-inspired seafood. Sartianos is a symphony of luxury, hospitality, and culinary artistry, promising an unforgettable experience.