Apple Changes Mixed-Reality Software’s Name to “xrOS” as a Sign of Upcoming Headset

Apple Changes Mixed Reality

A concept render of Apple’s VR headset – Courtesy of ANTIONIODEROSA

This is Apple Changes Mixed Reality very first gaming headset and here’s what you need to know. It will supposedly feature two chip sets: one to deliver computer performance equal to the M1 and the second will handle the sensor related computations. The headset could also feature a pair of 4K micro-OLED panels.

2023 is the year of the Apple Headset. it’s going to be called probably ‘The Reality One’ or ‘The Reality Pro Headset’. The xrOS operating system is going to have mixed reality versions of messages, maps, FaceTime, games, video watching TV, plus many other features such as live sports streaming and virtual reality in a 3D like environment. This is going to be the hot product in 2023 and is really going to be Apple’s next big thing. Apple’s new AI/VR headset will be introduced sometime around the middle of the year, most likely, and it’s going to be quite expensive. Apples been looking at price points between $1000 on the low end and $3000 on the high end. Certainly, it’s going to be the most advanced mixed reality headset on the market to date. The headset is expected to go full throttle on both VR and AR technologies. It’ll have the best cameras on the market for AR, but it will also have the best displays on the market for VR.

Nevertheless, the real magic of this headset is how Apple Changes Mixed Reality is going to be able to blend the two in a way that you haven’t seen Meta, which is the main competitor.