Balenciaga Is Under Fire After Controversial Photos From Holiday Campaign

It is widely known that Balenciaga is the fashion brand that Kim is heavily been promoting for the last year. However, Balenciaga has shown that they are pro child abuse through their very blatant child predatorial campaign.

This is Balenciaga’s holiday campaign that features two little girls holding bears that are dressed in BDSM wear. This photoshoot raised the concern on why they would ever put a child in a photo that contains chains and bondage. These are the images that Balenciaga’s team chose to use to promote the sale of millions of dollars. 

Where people would think that was all, these images get far worse. This Twitter user exposed that in one of the campaign images, on Balenciaga’s website included a very poorly hidden document. That photo contains the court document of United States versus Williams which was a grotesque court decision because it pretty much said that distributing graphic images of children are OK as long as it’s not obscene. This is showing that the whole photoshoot wasn’t accidental, and that anything that was included in these disturbing photographs was intentionally displayed there. 

Balenciaga after the massive backlash from the world issued an apology. With dozens of people on their production team after examining and approving the campaign didn’t think it was a problem before publishing it. They posted this last Tuesday on Instagram saying that they sincerely apologize for any offense their holiday campaign may have caused, that the BDSM style accessories should not have been featured with children. Despite the public apology, it could be too lat and cost the brand many of their devoted followers and customers who simply cannot overlook this mishap.


Kim Kardashian is speaking out against Balenciaga over its controversial ad holiday campaign. After a lot of pressure for her to speak, she finally posted on social media saying that: ’the reason that I waited until this point is I was taking my time at wanted to speak with the company’. She notes that of course she is a mother of four and how she finds this disturbing. Also, in her conversation she believes they understand the seriousness of the issue but she’s reevaluating her relationship with the brand. So, it’s unclear as to whether she will continue working with them