Man Invades World Cup Game Between Portugal And Uruguay, Carrying A Rainbow Flag

rainbow flag

In an effort to support the LGBTQ community while the World Cup is being held in the controversial host country Qatar, a man entered the field of play during Monday’s Portugal vs. Uruguay game carrying a rainbow flag.

During the 30 seconds he interfered with the game, broadcasters made an effort to avoid focusing on the man and the rainbow flag he was waving. But soon after, images of him sprinting across the Lusail stadium field flooded social media.

The 35-year-old Italian was dressed in a blue t-shirt with the words “Save Ukraine” written above the Superman logo on the front. “Respect for Iranian women,” was written on the shirt’s back. In the first of his three messages, Ferri said he was addressing Iran, where “I have friends who are suffering and where women are not respected.” 

“The world needs to change, and we can make it happen together with courageous, strong actions.”, he also added.

My final run on a playing field, which I’ll call “The Last Dance,” said Ferri. I wanted to convey vital information that I’ve been carrying around on my skin for the past few months.

The treatment of foreign workers who contributed to the construction of the tournament stadiums, as well as Qatar’s record on LGBTQ and women’s rights, have long been in the news.