Third Generation Business Tycoon Expands Ventures Globally

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Several factors allow third generation businesses to flourish, but family loyalty and ambition for success appear to be the driving forces behind Baran Suzer’s achievements. The Suzer name first gained recognition from Baran’s grandfather in the South of Turkey and soon become a top business name in Istanbul as Baran’s father nurtured the industry endeavors from the ground up. It is now Baran Suzer’s mission to add an international value to the Suzer name as he diversifies the family’s hotel assets and investments into the American and European markets.

Born in Istanbul, Baran Suzer graduated from the Department of Business Administration of Richmond University in London. This erudite program prepared him for the business journey he soon embarked upon as he started his career at Suzer Group as President of Real Estate Group in 2004. By 2008, he was appointed as President of Finance Group. Baran currently serves as Suzer Group’s Foreign Investments Coordinator, a position that has opened new doors for the company’s foreign expansion.

With the hotel sector serving as one of the company’s major growing businesses, Suzer seeks hotel investments in London, Miami and Los Angeles. Suzer has already dipped his feet into the Miami market with a recent construction project in Surfside, and plans to move quickly towards new deals. As for Europe, he believes London is a profitable market for hotel acquisition given the recent Brexit process.

Suzer navigates the business industry giftedly, often tapping into other markets after an initial hotel investment in a new city. He has just put offers on two banks in Croatia, with plans to merge one of the banks to the company’s existing Croatian bank, Kentbank.

By Madison Nagle and Thomas Herd


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