Beeple Is Back At Christies Auction House For His First Physical Project – HUMAN ONE

World famous NFT author Mike Winkelmann best known as Beeple is back again at Christies Auction house for his first physical project HUMAN ONE

Human_One is 7 foot tall, with 4 large led screens installed inside of an aluminum and wood frame. This is Beeple’s first ever physical artwork and Christies is expected to attract bids over $15 million when it goes on sale.

Beeple's First Physical Project, Human_One - 3-Dimensional Physical LED Art.
Courtesy of Christie’s

This breakthrough project is a fusion of Physical and Digital art; it is truly one-of-a-kind, as the art that may be bought, could suddenly change in a blink of an eye remotely by Beeple himself. Beeple will be changing the art displayed based on event’s going on in the world and within himself through the blockchain. 

Human_One is taking perspective of the first person born in the “Metaverse”. The image is an astronaut-like human walking endlessly past an everlasting world behind him. The image will be constantly changing, whether it be the color, the action of the human, or anything going on in the world that Beeple would like to add. Any and all of the images that are seen, once changed, will never go back to the same image and is always evolving.

This is setting yet another breakthrough within the Digital Art creation as this piece of art will live on even beyond Beeple’s life with the blockchain technology. Winkelmann stated, prior to creating NFT’s that he “never sold a print for more than $100” which may sound crazy when you see his “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT collection sold for a record breaking $69.3 Million. We look forward to see what Beeple has to come for this project and he even hinted that there may be a Human_Two coming in the future. We are just going to have to wait and see what he has in store once this sale comes to a close.