Inside One Of The World’s Most Famous Book Stores, The Dujiangyan Zhongshuge

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge

This surreal bookstore is a paradise for bookworms. Located in the city of Chengdu in China, the Dujiangyan Zhongshuge is a spellbinding bookstore designed by Shanghai-based architecture firm X+Living. Looking like a scene straight out of a Harry Potter movie, sweeping spiral staircases weave in and out of double-height archways that are filled floor to ceiling with books. To achieve the look, the design firm carefully integrated life-like wall paper featuring tightly packed shelves of book, a mirrored ceiling and black tile floors to accentuate the reflections and adding to the apparent depth of the space.

The bookstore was opened in 2020 and boasts one of the most striking bookstore designs to ever exist. It has been an astounding 80,000+ books are held in its library. Would you spend a day here?  Dujiangyan Zhongshuge