Boston’s Best Seafood Spot Just Opened A Seafood Pizza Restaurant – And We’re Here For It

We asked around, from current locals to previous residents and visitors alike, on where we can find the best seafood in Boston. The answer –unanimously Saltie Girl. During a trip to town, we had to check it out for ourselves to see what all the hype was about.

Let’s preface this by saying there are a lot of seafood options in Boston. To be considered the best, you have to be doing something special, and that is no doubt at Saltie Girl. An incredibly diverse menu makes way for satisfying even the most particular diners. Along with seafood towers and the classic raw bar, New York Style smoked fishes, toasts, sandwiches, and fried fishes are offered amongst small and large plates. Every item is served as it is prepared to ensure guests receive the freshest experience. It’s been said you should save the best for last, but our initial bite of the Warm Spicy Crab Roll (as pictured below) was at first thought, hard to beat.

Warm Spicy King Crab Roll at Saltie Girl Boston
Warm Spicy King Crab Roll
Outdoor Patio Seating at Saltie Girl Boston
Outdoor Patio Seating

Sure enough, Saltie Girl delivered with super quick service and each dish was better than the last. One popular menu item, the Caviar Dip, is served with creme fraiche, fried shallots, green onion and their signature Saltie Girl Sea Salt Potato Chips. These thin and extra crispy branded chips are served alongside many of the Saltie Girl menu items. It’s the perfect pairing for say a Lobster Roll, but if you’re craving the chips as a side, don’t fret; Saltie Girl has made these chips available to purchase on-site or on their web shop. Another customer favorite are the tinned fishes, served with artisanal bread, house churned sea salt butter, piquillo pepper jam, and a trio of salts. Back to my experience, I had a particular liking for the Crab Toast, which in my opinion was one of the more inventful items. As a true avocado toast lover I happened to love the mix of stracciatella cheese and snow crab, sprinkled with pistachios.

Crab Toast with Avocado and Burratta at Saltie Girl Boston
Crab Toast with Avocado and Burratta
Jumbo Stone Crabs at Saltie Girl Boston
Jumbo Stone Crabs
Lobster Pizza at Saltie Girl Boston
Lobster Pizza at Saltie Girl Seafood Pizza

Adding to the mix, as of early December Saltie Girl has opened their newest outpost in the adjacent space on Dartmouth Street. After this past summer cooking a lot of delicious pizza at home with local seafood from Nantucket, it seemed natural for owner Kathy Sidell and Executive Chef Kyle McLelland to combine their two favorite things — pizza and seafood.

We wanted to elevate the pizza experience by offering super high quality ingredients on top of a delicious dough, combining an everyday staple like pizza with heavenly delicacies like lobster, clams, caviar, smoked salmon and tinned fish.

The Lobster Pizza which would be first on my list to try out, is topped with a combination of buffalo mozzarella, taleggio, sweet 100s, sweet corn, shishito peppers, roasted garlic, and hot Calabrian oil. Need I say more?

Smoked Salmon Pizza at Saltie Girl Boston
Smoked Salmon Pizza

Saltie Girl, 281 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116