Bugatti Introduces A New Concept Car

Bugatti Bolide New Concept Car

The Bugatti Bolide is a concept car that makes even the Bugatti Chiron Sport look pedestrian. If it reaches production, it could rewrite the record books. Bugatti, the French car maker owner by Volkswagen Group, revealed their latest concept car the Bolide, at their headquarters in Molshiem, Alsace, France earlier this week. “The Bolide is the ultimate answer to the question of what if Bugatti built a track-focused hyper sports car that met the FIA’s safety requirements” said Stefan Ellrott, a member of the Bugatti board of management and Head of Technical Development. “All of Bugatti’s expertise has been condensed into the Bugatti Bolide. It is therefor an innovative information source for future technologies. ” Check out the supercar renderings below and let us know whether you would like to see this on the streets (or tracks)!