Mercedes-AMG Has Designed and Engineered An All New Roof Box.

The Mercedes Benz AMG division has created their very own roof box for those in need of more cargo space. Built and designed to complement the company’s cars, the unit has been carefully engineered to increase aerodynamic performance while reducing the overall noise it creates, with the use of special diffusers, fins, and integrating the handles into the box itself so it doesn’t jut out. 

The space ship looking roof box will be available in two versions, one for coupe’s and another for all other models, and comes equipped with a water-resistant exterior shell dressed in comet-grey magno and AMG logos. 

“Sometimes it just needs a little more space. When traveling or during leisure time with the whole family, even the most generously designed trunk volume reaches its limits,” says the company. “With the new Mercedes-AMG roof box, the brand with the star now provides a remedy and also sets additional aerodynamic and aesthetic accents. The highest standards of engineering, efficiency, exclusivity and design, which define Mercedes-AMG’s DNA, were incorporated into the development of the innovative roof box.”

By @MercedesAMG