Bulgari Serpenti: 75 Years of Infinite Tales – A Journey Through the Evolution of a Legendary Icon

In honor of Bulgari Serpenti Celebrating Its 75th Anniversary in 2023, a new exhibition is taking place at Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, China from March 24th through April 17th. The exhibition is a revisit to the legendary world of the beloved Serpentine motif of Bulgari with iconic thematic sections divided into three parts: “The Legend of a Sign”, “Crafting Sinuosity”, and “The Future of an Icon”. It was curated by artist Cao Dan and also includes various other contemporary artists such as Liu Jiayu, Qian Lihuai, Wu Jian’an, Wu Junyong, and Zhou Li. The core theme of “Bulgari Serpenti 75 years of Infinite Tales” is to reinterpret the heritage and signature design codes of the Serpenti.

The kingdom Animalia has always been a potent source of inspiration for many brands worldwide. For taking the instance of Bulgari, the snake is much more than a creative implant. It is a statement of female empowerment that has surpassed various generations.

Image Source: Bulgari

The Serpenti collection can be termed Bulgari’s most emblematic icon. It was first showcased in 1948 in the form of exotic bracelet watches that were crafted with the famous tubogas technique and thereafter became a huge success.

It was adorned by the prime actresses in the 50s and 60s, Elizabeth Taylor was one of them. Over the years Bulgari has evolved and undergone a metamorphosis to the present day.

Image Source: Bulgari

Bulgari and Refik Anadol collaboratied to bring visitors through an immersive journey.

The unique AI developed by the artist and director will take explorers through the infinite intricacies of an ever-changing snake, showcasing the continuous cycle of rebirth and evolution which is complimented by sounds and smells synonymous with Bulgari’s finest fragrances.

Refik Anadol is a Turkish media artist, director, and pioneer in the Aesthetics of data and machine intelligence. His area of interest revolves around creativity at the intersection of humans and machines.

He recalls the evolution of the snake by completely challenging the concept of metamorphosis.

Various machine learning algorithms have been trained on more than 200 million images of nature which results in a mesmerizing visualization of an alternative reality of Nature.

The exhibition succeeds in merging the real and artificial worlds. The keystone of the exhibition is the preservation of history and culture. The iconic jewelry house has recently introduced three contemporary Bejeweled designs as part of their exclusive Serpenti collection which adorns the heritage works.

Bulgari takes a stand to focus man’s demands on our precious, ever-changing planet. This enthralling exhibition is accompanied by a series of archival sketches and a selection of Serpenti pieces, it is indeed a magical tribute to the 75th anniversary of the Serpenti emblem since its arrival in 1948. This is one of the best collaborations that takes everyone on a journey through Bulgari’s golden era of the Serpenti.