TRENDING: Top 5 Brands

1. Tremendous Parfum

Personal stories can now be told through the ravishing fragrances of Tremendous Parfum, a brand creating scents that help portray who you are through their elements of sophistication and richness. Officially launched in September of 2022, the brand’s following stems mainly from word-of-mouth marketing after satisfied perfume connoisseurs smell the decadence of Tremendous Parfum scents. The brand currently offers three signature, unisex fragrances presented in beautiful crystal glass bottles. Perfume De Flore is a refreshing fragrance containing notes of litchi and mandarin orange to transport you to an aromatic world. Parfum De Oud is a timeless, woody fragrance with notes of saffron and Bulgarian rose that instill a scent rooted in passion. Finally, Perfume d’epice can be described to have spicy notes of blood orange and black pepper that manifest a mysterious aura over anyone that wears it. Tremendous Parfum is made in the USA and brings the flair of French perfume to the western world at affordable prices. The brand is expanding rapidly and plans to soon come out with a perfume stick this upcoming holiday season, perfect for on the go application. Continuously evolving, Tremendous Parfum is not far from their goal of being an industry leader in the near future. Their unique, unisex scents have the transformative ability to tell the deepest of stories before even being smelled. 

2. Golden String

Nestled in Downtown LA’s “Diamond District”, Golden String is a family affair that has enjoyed aerial success for over 40 years as a luxury destination for finding the right ring. Founded in 1987, Golden String has remained the envy of jewelry lovers and collectors in SoCal and beyond, defining the extent of quality by their warm approach to a historically cold industry. The Golden String team is built of professionals with a sharp eye for detail and graduates of Gemology studies, as well as members of the family. Natalie M, a fourth-generation jeweler, grew up working closely with her family’s business, learning the in’s and out’s of sourcing quality diamonds and stones and understanding how to spark long-term relationships with clients. Golden String excels on this front, inviting community and personal touch into the jewelry industry. Additionally, Natalie brings a fresh perspective and a refined approach to jewelry design that speaks to younger generations. For this reason, customers are seen as familiar faces and trusted friends, where if someone asks for recommendations on the best place for an engagement ring, they know exactly where to go. Years of craftsmanship have sculpted Golden String as a pioneer in the timeless-modern hybrid, designs that typically emulate minimalism and striking dispositions. The company unites cutting-edge artistry with classic silhouettes that never go out of style. Golden String takes classic opulence and treats it with modern flare, designing compelling pieces that sparkle, unlike any other diamond on the market. Their dedication to loyalty, quality, and innovation is unrivaled in the space, and having Golden String in your rotation will keep you a cut above the rest.

3. BirdieBall 

For an unrivaled golfing experience, look no further than BirdieBall, a family-run force in the game of golf propelling tomorrow’s generation into a new frontier that’s more accessible, dynamic, and green by design. Officially introduced in 2003, BirdieBall was born out of necessity and a passion for perfecting technique both on and off the course. John Breaker, founder of BirdieBall, noticed a cavity in conventional gameplay that prevented golfers from growing in their craft outside of traditional fairways, which are notoriously vast chunks of land with preset limitations. The company’s flagship product, the Birdie Ball, disrupted the golfing space with a striking design and an irreplaceable role in the practice realm, giving both new and seasoned players the opportunity to sharpen their strategies anywhere, any time. The Birdie Ball has been heralded as the most compelling and visionary addition to the game of golf in a century by the likes of Good Morning America, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and My Golf Spy, who have consistently ranked BirdieBall at the top of their “Best Of Golf” list since 2020. The eponymous Birdie Ball works well in smaller settings like your backyard, as the cylinder-shaped ball travels up to 40 yards in distance with the same spin and feel as a traditional ball. Ideal for practicing your swing off-course, the Birdie Ball pairs well with the company’s revolutionary indoor putting mats, which are fully customizable, easily assembled, and lay flat even after they are rolled up and stowed away. The mats allow players to work with and against the grain and are equipped with drop-in cups without a ramp, leading to a cleaner stroke and more confidence on the green. What started as a passion project in Colorado has evolved into a standard in gameplay, and BirdieBall strives to elevate the experience in our increasingly cluttered landscapes. PGA-awarded and family-built, BirdieBall brings the energy and scale of a driving range to your own backyard, and the feel of a well-manicured putting green to your living room for a stronger short-game, that will ultimately sink more putts and shave strokes in the long-haul.


Designed with transparency and community in mind, EVRY JEWELS is built for evry-one, evry-day. The company launched in 2020 with a mission to bring elevated luxe to the singular individual no matter where they are in the world or in life’s journey. Brittany Sigal, co-founder and leading lady of EVRY JEWELS, has continued the work of four generations of jewelers in her family who each brought their own vision to ornate, wearable pieces of art. Today, Brittany drives her own vision with the support and camaraderie of her followers who resonate with her approachable model for jewelry design. EVRY JEWELS invites a little sparkle to the everyday, promising unrivaled opulence and custom-made pieces with accessible price points. Affordability has always been a key component of what separates EVRY JEWELS from its competitors, ensuring that anybody can dress their creativity with striking allure. At the forefront of EVRY JEWELS is Brittany’s openness and vulnerability with her communities both on and offline, resembling a sort of big sister that always comes in clutch with the best jewelry advice. EVRY JEWELS prides themselves on transparency that remains a cut above the rest, showing their clientele the design process from start to finish, which brings a distinct layer of clarity to their pieces that shine as bright as the stones and materials they use. The brand’s followers have even engaged in naming new pieces and offering steel-plated feedback when called upon, turning EVRY JEWELS into a community passion project where everyone has a voice. Based out of Montreal, EVRY JEWELS continues to enchant their audiences with designs that tell a story, highlighting the intimacies that make all of us unique through self-expression. 

5. Luxe Lani

Serious question: how’s your nail game? As nail care and artistry continue to evolve, nail technicians like Luxe Lani, the celebrity nail powerhouse and founder of The Bvbe Cave, bring the noise with unrivaled creativity and attention to detail. Lani is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based technician and influencer who has worked with a range of household names, bringing a bombastic collection of charms, accents, and tchotchkes to her designs that always hook a double-take. The Bvbe Cave, Lani’s self-driven nail academy and supplies parlor, officially launched in the summer of 2021 with a mission to provide staple pieces and equipment for creatives cut from the same cloth, effectively putting the power of nail tech in the hands of the people. Luxe Lani raises the bar with nail design unlike anything you’ve seen before, inviting a unique strand of ornamentation to her craft that launches any one of ten fingers into star-studded self-expression. Additionally, The Bvbe Cave offers a 30-day masterclass for curious creatives who want more out of their nails, dipping into Gel X, Manual, and Acrylic Toes lessons that empower and inspire individuals to take care of their claws with stronger intention. Twice featured in Soeleish Las Vegas, Luxe Lani is known locally and regionally as a premiere destination for nail artistry, routinely traveling to places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and around Texas for tech work, education, and building community around their standard of excellence.