Carbon Fiber Lifestyle Accessories


While carbon fiber elements have become a go-to for automotive updates and unique body kits, they are now being used to craft everyday accessories.

If you’re not yet familiar with The Carbon Clip, they are the leading provider of luxury carbon fiber accessories.  Beyond just money clips, the collection encompasses Phone Cases, Wallets, Cigar Cases, and even License Plate frames made of pure carbon fiber.

What was inspired by supercars and the ‘fast’ life, has translated into a lifestyle brand with a penchant for riding in style – including your accessories.

Making the product lightweight and durable, carbon fiber also adds a unique visual aesthetic far more than just utilitarian. The Carbon Clip puts a twist on things by adding additional patterns or colors into the carbon weave – creating a truly stand-out finish.

Browse the gallery to view various on-the-go shots with The Carbon Clip accessories, and visit their website to shop the collection,



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