Cinderella Noel IV: Heesen’s Magnificent Superyacht of 2024

The impressive 164-foot superyacht known as Cinderella Noel IV, crafted by Heesen, is a real-life marvel akin to the beauty of the fairytale Cinderella. Initially referred to as YN 20150 or Project Oslo24, this stunning motoryacht was launched by the Dutch yard in the Netherlands, with its delivery anticipated in 2024. Commissioned by a seasoned yacht enthusiast, Heesen’s esteemed 50-meter steel series takes on a distinct life through the visionary design of Clifford Denn, offering a bespoke creation that seamlessly merges opulence with a profound love for the sea.

Leveraging Denn’s expertise in ship design, the yacht incorporates a second steering position on the flybridge and a collapsible mast, allowing easy passage under bridges—a practical addition that sailing yacht Koru, owned by Jeff Bezos, could have benefitted from. Additionally, the skipper’s choice of a hybrid propulsion system prompted Heesen to develop its inaugural system, enhancing eco-friendly cruising. The invested owner actively participated in selecting the Smart custom yacht features, overseeing every aspect, from fortified insulation for navigating colder climates to tailored crew quarters catering to a highly skilled and family-centric team.

Cinderella Noel IV is meticulously crafted for extended voyages at sea, manifesting an acute comprehension of life on the water. “Heesen’s Smart Custom solution served as the ideal foundation for a seasoned yachtsman to focus on the key elements for himself and his family,” remarked the owner’s representative, Stefan Zucker. “Cinderella Noel IV stands as a testament to Heesen’s astute methodology, enabling this family to actualize their dream vessel with the assurance of achieving results that would have otherwise demanded significantly more time and expense if constructed individually without adequate testing.”

The yacht’s understated interiors echo the owner’s extensive sea experience, featuring Foglizzo Atelier’s leather panels adorned with antique maritime charts depicting the owner’s favored cruising destinations. These neutral interiors harmonize elegantly with lush wooden flooring, fostering an inviting ambiance aboard the vessel.

Crafted through the collaborative efforts of Luca Dini Design and Architecture alongside Heesen’s in-house engineering team, this nautical masterpiece boasts an array of amenities. These include a captivating glass-bottomed pool, an outdoor fire pit, and various spaces designed for relaxation, offering guests the opportunity to bask in the breathtaking vistas of the open sea.