Wally Unveils the wallywhy100 Model during an Exclusive Event in Venice

During an exclusive Ferretti Group pre-Christmas gathering in Venice, the Italian shipyard Wally revealed its latest offering, the entry-level wallywhy100 model, marking its premiere along the enchanting canals of the city.

Stefano de Vivo, the managing director of Wally, hailed the launch in Venice as perfectly fitting, citing it as “a location where the canals flow akin to the veins pulsating with the city’s life force, much like the saltwater coursing through the veins of everyone at Wally.”

With a length of 21.5 meters, the wallywhy100 is a brainchild of the same team behind the wallwhy150 and wallwhy200, adopting the same design principles as its larger counterparts. The exterior design is a collaborative effort between Wally and the Ferretti Group Engineering team, while Studio A. Vallicelli & C has spearheaded the interior design.

This new model aims to bridge a gap in the market by offering a traditionally stylish coupé coupled with enhanced volume and comfort, as per de Vivo. He foresees that “in 20 years, the industry will recognize the wallywhy100 as a yacht that dared to stand apart.”

The focal point of the yacht’s design is the main deck, spanning from bow to stern, which can be entirely enclosed or left open for guests to relish in all weather conditions. Luca Bassani, the founder and chief designer of Wally, highlighted, “The enclosed cockpit is deliberately extended forward to create an indoor/outdoor living space, imparting the wallywhy100 with a captivating, sleek, yet assertive appearance.”

An alternate al fresco living area is situated on the foredeck, featuring a multi-functional lounge with a raised or lowered table to serve as a seating area or sunpad zone.

At the aft, there’s a 14-square-meter beach club area with unfolding bulwarks, expanding the available space by 50 percent. This area houses a swim ladder for easy water access and a hydraulic platform capable of launching and retrieving tenders up to 3.6 meters long.

Three cabins can comfortably accommodate six guests, with a deviation from the larger models’ style by placing the master cabin aft. It boasts smart glass that adjusts transparency according to its use.

On the same deck, a VIP cabin is positioned on the port side, accompanied by a twin cabin on the starboard, each with dedicated en suites and expansive windows. Crew quarters are conveniently separate from guest areas, accessible via both the main and lower decks.

For propulsion, Wally has selected a twin D13 Volvo IPS configuration, delivering cruising speeds of 24 knots and top speeds exceeding 27 knots with the upgraded IPS1350 specifications.

Bassani commented, “The innovative design of the wallywhy100 makes it a versatile vessel. It serves as a splendid day or weekend boat for those seeking support for their larger yachts. Simultaneously, its spacious cabins, ample crew quarters, relaxation zones, garage, and toy storage make it an ideal home away from land.”

He further added, “The wallywhy100 caters to owners who comprehend their requirements and embrace breaking away from conventions.”

De Vivo concluded, “Similar to its counterparts, the wallywhy100 is poised to revolutionize numerous markets, owing to its compelling value proposition and multifaceted usability across diverse demographics.”