Creux Automatiq : Making Waves In The Luxury Watch Market

Creux Automatiq is in a league of its own, the Aussie born Swiss brand that combines sports luxe with Swiss made quality is hard to beat at this price.

In late 2016 Creux Automatiq, a boutique watch company based in Sydney, Australia, launched their first Swiss timepiece; the “Ghost CA-01”. A sporty, yet elegant design that Creux Automatiq states is respective of the classics with an eye towards the future of horology.

There is no doubt that the Ghost is a great looking watch with it’s 316L grade stainless steel case and skeletonized dial. However more impressive is the value of what you get with this piece: 33 jewels, sapphire lens, complex skeletal automatic movement, water-resistant to 10 atmospheres. Not what you would usually expect from a piece that retails for only USD$2,400.

Creux Automatiq Luxury Swiss Watch

The Ghost CA-01 boasts complex movement from a company called Swiss Tech in Botyre, Switzerland. Creux Automatiq are currently the only brand licensed to use this specific movement.

The story behind Creux Automatiq is equally as interesting as their timepieces. It is a tale of a Kiwi in Australia, making Swiss watches. Dane Rumble, the founder of Creux Automatiq, admits the Ghost is the result of a passion project that took several years in the making. The objective of launching Creux Automatiq was to introduce to market an elegant quality timepiece, with complex movement at a decent price. It should be noted that the Ghost CA-01 is limited to only 200 individually numbered pieces.

Creux Automatiq are currently embarking on a second phase. Dane says “The interest in the Ghost has been phenomenal! So much so that we have decided to launch three new models later this year to keep up with demand. However each will be limited to 100 units to continue exclusivity.”

The new models “Ghost Shadow”, “Ghost Explorer” and the “Ghost Gen-2”are currently available for pre-order and are scheduled for release in December 2017.

Watch enthusiasts can purchase Creux Automatiq pieces from their website as well as select retailers around the globe.

For more information visit the Creux Automatiq website, facebook or instagram.



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