Cutting-Edge 108-Foot Hybrid Sailing Yacht: Self-Powered Electricity Generation at Sea

Entitled “Gelliceaux,” this 108-foot craft stands as the first hull in the SW108 series to depart from the shipyard in South Africa. In late October, this hybrid cruiser embarked on a worldwide journey, commencing its voyage from Cape Town.

Distinguished as a “smart custom” sailing yacht, the SW108 seamlessly blends sustainability, efficiency, and opulence. Collaboratively conceived with the expertise of Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design, this vessel is founded on an adaptable platform designed to cater to the specific desires and requirements of each seafarer. For instance, Gelliceaux’s owners chose a deeper keel, an elevated sail plan, and a larger sail area in contrast to the original model.

Sebastian Allebrodt, representing A2B Marine as the client’s project manager, remarked, “The ‘smart custom’ concept empowers clients to work within a proven platform, allowing them to imprint their unique identity, modify various aspects, including the interior layout, and fine-tune the performance attributes of the vessel.”

Gelliceaux is outfitted with a cutting-edge diesel-electric propulsion system, a collaborative creation with BAE Systems. This system includes two remarkably efficient generators, a high-voltage lithium battery bank, and electric motors, thus facilitating enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Notably, the vessel features hydrogenerating capabilities, enabling it to generate electricity while at sea to recharge the battery, enabling prolonged noiseless and environmentally friendly cruising.

Yann Dabbadie, the technical manager at Southern Wind, praised the vessel, stating, “This yacht stands as an authentic marvel of sustainable sailing, capable of generating an impressive 35 kW while sailing at 16 knots and 25 kW while gliding at 14 knots. When sailing at speeds exceeding 10 knots, Gelliceaux can effectively extend her range indefinitely while retaining all the onboard luxurious amenities.”

Currently, Gelliceaux navigates the Namibian coastline under the experienced command of Captain Mariano Sotelo, leading a seasoned crew.

Sotelo expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I believe we have accomplished precisely what the owner envisioned—a splendid vessel that ensures safe and enjoyable sailing experiences with family and friends, and even for regattas in places like the Caribbean. This boat exemplifies the epitome of beauty and functionality.”