This $800,000 luxury motorhome can carry a classic car in its garage

Concorde, the esteemed German luxury motorhome manufacturer, has unveiled its latest creation – an $800,000 motorhome meticulously crafted to house a classic car within its bespoke garage.*

Renowned for its commitment to opulence, Concorde consistently delivers motorhomes that set the gold standard for luxury and quality. The extensive range caters to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring that it meets the discerning requirements of its clientele. In a recent feature, we highlighted the Carver 920 G, a $475,000 Type C motorhome equipped with a compact garage, ideal for navigating narrow city streets and accommodating smaller vehicles such as the Fiat 500. However, Concorde’s portfolio extends beyond petite motorhomes to include larger RVs capable of hosting more sizable vehicles, including classic cars. Among these impressive models is the Concorde Liner 1090 GIO, specifically designed for classic car enthusiasts who wish to travel in style.

The Concorde Liner 1090 GIO is constructed on the versatile Mercedes Atego 1530 L truck, boasting a robust 7.7-liter inline-six engine generating 299 horsepower. Depending on the chosen configuration, this luxury motorhome can reach lengths of up to 11.50 meters, widths of almost 2.50 meters, and a weight exceeding 12 tons. Externally, the Liner 1090 adheres to Concorde’s signature design ethos, characterized by a sleek white body and a blacked-out glass area.

A distinctive feature of this model is the vibrant decal near the rear, showcasing the silhouettes of three iconic classic cars – the Ferrari Dino, Porsche 911, and the elegant Mercedes SL roadster.

Upon entering the motorhome, one is greeted by a lavishly appointed interior reminiscent of a high-end apartment, featuring top-tier furnishings and essential amenities. The driver’s cab boasts a modern, functional dashboard designed for ease of use while navigating the expansive RV. Both the driver and passenger seats can swivel, providing access to the customizable lounge area. Following this is a U-shaped kitchen, seamlessly combining elegance with functionality.

The interior exudes luxury, with meticulous attention to detail showcased in Concorde’s expert craftsmanship. Moving past the bathroom area leads to the bedroom, ensuring the utmost comfort despite the lower ceiling height resulting from the garage below. The queen-size bed provides ample space and comfort, transforming the area into a serene relaxation hub.

The highlight of the Concorde Liner 1090 GIO is its specially designed garage, tailored to accommodate classic cars. Accessible from the rear via a motorized upward-opening tailgate, the garage includes a motorized shelf for tools and spare tires. The motorhome features a ride-height system, elevating the front end for easier access to the garage, simplifying the process of winching in the classic car. However, certain restrictions apply, with the garage accommodating vehicles up to 4.30 meters in length, 1.36 meters in height, and weighing a maximum of 1,400 kilograms (around 3000 pounds). Porsche 911 owners from the 1980s or early ’90s need not worry – their beloved cars fit seamlessly into this automotive haven.