Designa Individual Captures The Beauty Of The Sun In The Customized Daytona Rainbow Sunray

Throughout the centuries, a popular expression has kept spreading over the years, “The sun always rises after the rain”; with the meaning that better times will follow after difficult times. Along with the rising of the sun we also see the appearance of the rainbow, which is an optical and meteorological atmospheric phenomenon that manifests itself as the appearance of a colorful arc-shaped spectrum in the sky when sunlight refracts into water drops in the atmosphere. Taking that into count, we can make the assumption that the rainbow is the sign of good times to come.

Drawing inspiration from history, science and many other fields, the craftsmen from Designa Individual Manufacture (DiW) have made many modifications to various models of luxury timepieces produced by Rolex and Patek Philippe, but the story of their latest work was born on a sunny summer day.  Starting from the beauty of the rainbow they gave birth to the Daytona Rainbow Sunray project.  Combining the ability of working with high quality composite materials such as carbon fiber with a constant concern for innovation, they succeeded in bringing the beauty of the rainbow to life on a Cosmograph Daytona, a model produced and marketed by Rolex since 1963.

The Daytona Rainbow Sunray is the right essence of indescribable elegance. The bezel is crafted with hand-encrusted gemstones by the most skilled master blending many colors of the rainbow spectrum, with yellow, red and orange being among the highlights. The transition from one color to the next one is achieved through a gradual combination of shades. A combination of colors in this project was not just limited to the bezel of the watch, as the colors of the dial match perfectly with the strap, which is handmade from nato-nylon.

Protecting the beautiful gemstones is a case made of high quality carbon fiber. Besides its toughness, the use of carbon fiber is determinant for the light weight it has. Weighing only 60 grams, the watch is very comfortable to wear, you can barely even feel it on your wrist. 

The receiving experience is a special one, as the watch is delivered to customers in a black box covered in velvet, made of oak, the contrast created between the color range of the watch and the box gives a visual impact and a special excitement to customers. With a focus on making special pieces, the brand born in Germany places great value on uniqueness, which is why the model is produced in only three pieces. In terms of warranty, the watch comes with a seven-year guarantee from DiW.

Owning a luxury timepiece has long been seen as a sign of a person’s success. People who have luxury watches are the epitome of personal achievement, but wearing a custom watch is a whole other level. Just imagine wearing a Daytona Rainbow Sunray and you’re at an event on a sunny day, with the sun’s rays amplifying the visual effect that the watch’s colors provide, making you the center of attention. After all, only two other people in the world will own such an incredible watch.

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