The Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces In The World

Jewelry pieces are usually very expensive, but some of them are extremely expensive to the point where they can cost millions. In this article we will talk about the most expensive jewelry that was purchased at an auction. If you are very passionate about jewelry and want to know the most expensive pieces, here you can find some of the top ones.

The Pink Star, $71.2 million

Many know The Pink Star because it’s the most expensive jewelry piece ever made. It’s 59.60 carats, a fancy vivid pink internally flawless diamond. It really is an incredible piece and it has incredible clarity, intensity and size. You rarely get to see jewelry as expensive as this, and this one is truly special.

Memory of Autumn Leaves & Dream of Autumn Leaves, $57.4 million

These are the most expensive set of earrings sold at an auction. They are similar in shape and size. The vivid blue diamond is 14.54 carats, while the other one is a 16 carat fancy intense pink. The color combination, clarity and visuals are incredible, so you can see why these brought in so much money.

The Oppenheimer Blue, $57.5 million

It’s the largest blue diamond, it’s a fancy vivid one of 14.62 carats. These vivid blues are the rarest ones in the world, even rarer than the pink ones. The name comes from Sir Philip Oppenheimer, which is the former chairman of that company who owned this stone.

The Princie Diamond, $39.3 million

Another very expensive piece of jewelry would be The Princie Diamond valued at $39.3 million. What’s important to note is that this 34.65 carat fancy intense pink diamond was owned by Renato Angiolillo. So it definitely has a very impressive history and it also looks incredible.

Queen Marie Antoinette’s Pearl, $36.2 million

The name says it all, this piece was owned by queen Marie Antoinette, and it was obviously worth a huge amount due to that. In addition, the combination of natural diamond and pearl in a pendant is amazing and it commended a premium. 

The Orange, $35.5 million

The Orange is known as the largest fancy vivid orange diamond. It’s 14.82 carats and just an incredible piece. You won’t find any larger orange diamond than this, so it’s a great piece and an astounding investment.

These are some of the best and most expensive jewelry pieces. As you can see, there are many jewelry pieces worth tens of millions of dollars. Their price comes from the overall rarity, but also incredibly clarity and other features!