Digiceptual Is Pioneering Fashion Advertising With Brandon See In The Driver’s Seat

Brandon See, co-founder and CEO of Digiceptual, found his way into fashion marketing through New York’s contagious drive for style and innovation. Growing up in the fashion capital of the world, See was groomed from an early age by observing and appreciating the artistry that came out of hotbeds like SoHo, and the glittering demonstrations found during New York Fashion Week. As an adult, he found expansive opportunity in the growing sectors of fashion marketing, and set out to carve his place in the ripple effect. 

Digiceptual, a digital, performance-based agency, works primarily within fashion and ecommerce circuits, but maintains a track record that spans an array of mediums and markets by way of smart strategy and creative execution against conventional models in the marketing industry. Coming in hot with their own formula for generational growth and a concrete understanding of flip-and-switch rhythms in fashion, Digiceptual is an easy contender for the future of fashion marketing today, and what tomorrow holds is entirely in their court.

Brandon See draws upon years of experience working in consultation and advertising to bring a level of sophistication to Digiceptual, driving most of his clientele into the digital domains where planning and processing take place. Even online, See and his team of industry architects excel in delivering personal, tailored experiences for their roster of entrepreneurs, providing direction and counsel for navigating the unpredictable oceans of fashion design. As we’ve come to find out, marketing strategies, specifically those that target the fashion industry, are forever evolving and shifting with the tides, and this requires an expert set of eyes to properly source and secure opportunities and sow long-term success that will remain strong even when the landscapes change again. Durability and ingenuity are key components of brand development, and See has witnessed the success of his own grind first hand, leading to the creation of Digiceptual’s in-house recipe for stable growth, known as Kinetic Scaling™. This unique technique pulls from over five years worth of experience working in the fashion D2C markets, and is designed to grow your brand across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok exponentially. By applying the behavior of Kinetic Scaling to their projects, Digiceptual can scale fashion brands to 7-9 figures with the promise to drive brand growth intimately and with sharp attention to detail from See and his boutique team of professionals. 

Beyond their trade secret, which is really just a commitment to strengthening relationships and creative systems, Digiceptual is anticipating double revenue growth in 2022 with the possibility of introducing private equity and investment opportunities in the following years. See and Digiceptual’s climb has caught the attention of media outlets like Rachael Ray and Entrepreneur, and their repertoire includes such names as Roucha and Hell Babes, a firecracking fashion label for women on motorcycles. Digiceptual positions themselves as ecommerce growth partners, but the authentic personality of the agency truly shines with an ROI-based, results driven mentality, trading touch-and-go tactics for action-fueled decision making. Despite being entirely remote, Digiceptual excels in cyberspace, propelling premium services in content creation, social media strategy, and management. In his experience, See believes it isn’t just about advertising, as fashion marketing demands so much more than simple attention-grabbing. See exited his own brand for 7 figures before launching Digiceptual, and as a result he holds a strong understanding of what is required to really stand above the rest. Fashion markets are notoriously over-saturated, and See finds opportunity where others might find a closed door.

Digiceptual intentionally keeps their client list relatively small in order to maximize personal attention given to each brand, implementing action-based techniques that reap conversion rate optimization. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the fashion industry feels increasingly closed off and demands a password for entry. When it comes to Digiceptual, the secret is simply in the fabric of the firm’s identity, and the culture they choose to foster with each client.

With years of experience backing his post at Digiceptual, See is readily available to offer guidance and consultation to those seeking to expand their portfolio and send their vision into the galaxy. In fact, before starting Digiceptual, See was a consultant for Rapid Crush, the SoCal webinar outfit. During this chapter, See oversaw client growth in their respective fields and showed how and where they could include successful webinars into the existing cultures of their business. See is a captain of the digital world, and with Digiceptual leading the future of fashion marketing, the possibilities are seemingly limitless behind the wheel.