The Making of Sapphire Watch Modifications by AET Remould

AET Remould A11 Time Machine Pink Richard Mille Watch

Analyzing the luxury watch market and the countries where they are produced, we discover a brand from Germany that is already known worldwide for its watches. AET Remould is a reference name in the watch modification industry, distinguished by the detailed study of innovative materials used to create unique pieces. The dedication to the modification of high-end timepieces and the application of innovative materials such as sapphire which is described as a very difficult material to process has set new standards in the watch industry and led to the creation of unique pieces worn by celebrities and influencers. The defining characteristics of the brand are Artistic, Expression and Thought, together being the inspiration for the AET Remould brand name.

Described by collectors as one of the most innovative and extravagant brands in the world, one of the brands on which AET Remould have made modifications for is Richard Mille. Combining the vision of the place where the fastest drivers on the planet battle each other, the color representative of speed, and the impeccable craftsmanship of AET Remould,  the A11 Abu Dhabi Special Edition was born. Each aforementioned characteristic was applied to the Richard Mille RM 011, resulting in a masterpiece that perfectly captures the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi through transparent sapphire and the circuit’s official color, Abu Dhabi Blue. It stands out for its chronograph dials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock with a design that makes you think you are looking at the dashboard clocks of a racing car, evoking the feeling like you are on the race track with the best drivers in Formula 1. The A011 Abu Dhabi Special Edition is limited to 5 pieces worldwide, making it an ultra-rare collectors item.

AET Remould A011 Abu Dhabi Special Edition
AET Remould U51-01

One-of-a-kind pieces are the most desired by collectors so the RM51-01 modification was a certainty for AET Remould. The model was produced by Richard Mille in only 20 pieces with the dial incorporating the tiger and the dragon, both of which have influenced Asian culture for thousands of years. For the military, the tiger was a symbol of courage, engraved on shields and weapons. On the other hand the dragon was a common symbol in China with many meanings, today it is associated with prosperity and happiness. Realizing that they must provide a new appearance for the whole story portrayed through this watch, the artisans at AET Remould used one of the consecrated materials to create a sapphire case that allows a complex visualization of the battle scene between tiger and dragon. The new colors used in a long and painstaking process of hand micro painting to bring the scene within the chronograph to life, completed the modifications made to the watch resulting in the ‘U51-01’.

Historically, the representation of the human skull has been achieved by means of concepts in several fields. RM 052 represents the expression of freedom and nonconformity, the reinvention of this watch could only be achieved by AET Remould, therefore U52-01 was created.  The base plate and the 4 bridges inspired by the crossbones of the flags of pirate ships connect the entire movement of the watch to the case which has been reinvented using sapphire giving those around you the impression that the skull is floating on your wrist.

AET Remould U26

A technical masterpiece such as the RM 26 which embodies within its dial the concept of the evil eye represented by a hand-carved eye and flames using specially made chisels along with black ceramic representing darkness. The whole concept and what the watch wants to express has been changed by the vision of AET Remould by using white and pristine sapphire in the creation of the case that surrounds the dark and the evil eye, it is a visual image that light and goodness will always overcome darkness. For this watch AET has achieved more than a visual transformation through the use of unusual materials, creating the new ‘U26’.

AET Remould A11 Mexico Special Edition

Another remake made by AET Remould on the Richard Mille RM 011 resulted in the A11 Mexico Special Edition. Inspired by the colors of the Mexican flag, it redefines the uniqueness of watches and offers collectors a special piece with a design that strays from the conventional. In addition to AET Remould’s now signature sapphire casing, unique elements were added to make this model stand out from the crowd. “Through the manual gradient spray technique, the entire dial is filled with Mexican elements and the watch shines in pure and flawless sapphire with an unusual charm.” Limited to just 3 pieces worldwide, the A11 is yet another impressive addition to the AET Remould collection of modified Richard Mille timepieces.

Looking at the watch models from Richard Mille that AET Remould has chosen to give a new interpretation to, we discover that they have focused on the RM 008 which incorporates all the features of the RM 004 split-second chronograph, to which has been added a tourbillon carousel made up of 85 parts and weighing only a third of a gram (0.34 g). This was, in fact, the first new split-seconds chronograph designed in the 21st century for several years after its launch in 2003. After the modifications, it received the name A008 – offering a more accurate view of the mechanical movement through the use of transparent sapphire crystal.

Starting from the first modified watches and continuing with the new series, AET Remould climbs step by step on the ladder of success and continues its permanent development process. Achieving results that are certainly not similar to any other brand, offering distinctive watches with a unique story all on the wrist of the wearer.

AET Remould Sapphire Watch Casing