Discover 6 Fascinating Facts About the World’s Only 24-Karat-Gold Superyacht

In a sea of conventional white yachts, the AK Royalty emerges as a beacon of extravagance with its dazzling exterior adorned in glittering gold. Originally christened Plus Too and crafted by Palmer Johnson in 2009, this 136-foot shallow draft vessel, under the ownership of Australian-born Aaron Fidler, epitomizes luxury and opulence with its lavish paint job and onboard amenities.

The Ultimate Bling Boat 

Following a meticulous multi-million dollar refit, AK Royalty underwent a striking transformation, transitioning from a conventional white hue to a resplendent gold exterior, inspired by Fidler’s own gold Lamborghini. The marine paint, infused with genuine 24-karat gold dust, was meticulously applied over months to achieve the desired shimmering effect. Complementing this lavish exterior are gold accented jet skis, sea bobs, furniture, champagne flutes, and bathroom fittings, creating an unparalleled aura of opulence.

Personalized Art

Delving deeper into the yacht’s interior reveals a personalized touch reflecting the owners’ unique tastes and personalities. A commissioned painting by a prestigious Californian artist adorns the dining area, featuring a majestic white lion alongside a delicate blue butterfly, symbolizing Aaron Fidler and his wife, Kseniya. Additionally, silver mirror-tiled panther sculptures accentuate the interior, further exemplifying the couple’s individual spirits.

Eight Onboard Captains

Leading the elite crew of AK Royalty is Captain Pedro Argote, supported by a team of eight professionals boasting diverse skill sets beyond traditional yachting roles. From qualified lawyers and doctors to diving instructors, IT engineers, and professional fishermen, each member of the crew possesses captaincy qualifications, ensuring the vessel’s safety and functionality under any circumstance.

Every Toy Imaginable

Designed to captivate Dubai day charterers, AK Royalty is equipped with an impressive array of recreational amenities to cater to every guest’s desires. From a dive compressor center and inflatable slide to seabobs, jetskis, paddle boards, and a 12-person floating trampoline, the yacht offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Fitness enthusiasts can also indulge in an onboard outdoor gym with a dedicated personal trainer.

Can Power Other Boats

Following a comprehensive 2023 refit, AK Royalty boasts enhanced engineering systems, allowing it to serve as a mothership capable of fuel and power transfer to smaller vessels. This capability, coupled with the expertise of the crew, enhances the yacht’s versatility and operational capabilities on the open seas.

The Mother of All Party Boats 

Renowned as the ultimate party destination, AK Royalty features a luxurious six-person Jacuzzi, state-of-the-art AV sound system with iPad controls, and DJ decks positioned at the heart of the action on the aft deck. For an outdoor nightclub experience, the DJ booth seamlessly transitions to the sun deck, overlooking the lively crowd below. With a dedicated DJ available on request, AK Royalty ensures an unforgettable party atmosphere for all guests.

With its unparalleled extravagance and unrivaled amenities, AK Royalty stands as a testament to luxury and indulgence on the high seas.